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Episode 27: Not Your Pagan Ancestors’ Christmas

This week I’ve included clips from a very puritan documentary on the origins of Christmas. Another reason for atheists to celebrate the season! Playlist Jingle Babies—Jingle Bells Ant-Yul 1 Sy Mann at the Moog Synthesizer—Tijuana Christmas—Switched-On Christmas Bongolong—Jesus Christ is … Continue reading

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Episode 26: A Christmas Humdinger!

All tunes this week were recorded before the year 1930. Playlist Jeremiah 10 Charles D’Almaine with Orchestra—Medley of Old-Time Reels (1905) Steve Porter with Columbia Quartet—Christmas Morning at Flannigans (1906) Prince’s Orchestra—On a Christmas Morning (1911) Elsie Baker—Around the Christmas … Continue reading

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Episode 25: Thanksgiving: The Atheistic Holiday

Episode 25: Thanksgiving: The Atheistic Holiday! Playlist It’s the Most Fattening Time of the Year Opening: History of Thanksgiving Hymns on Guitar—We Gather Together Disney Christmas—Over the River and Through the Woods Bewitched—Thanksgiving Cab Calloway—Ev’rybody Eats When they Come to … Continue reading

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Episode 24: Your Friends Won’t Understand

BEHOLD! YOU HAVE FOUND THE SECRET OF EVERLASTING WISDOM AND ETERNAL SUCCESS IN LOVE AND LIFE TEN STEPS TO UNLOCKING YOUR LOVE-PRISON: Cult Leader Combustible Edison—Carnival of Souls Joe Meek and the Blue Men—I Hear a New World Deceptive 2 … Continue reading

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Episode 23: Moving Sale

I got my CDs back from Canada, and I’m passing the savings onto you! Playlist Jesus Camp—Guilting Children Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers April March—Chick Habit—But I’m a Cheerleader Jesus Camp—Victoria Doesn’t Believe in Boys and Girls Mint Royale—From Rusholme with Love … Continue reading

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