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32: A Krampus Kristmas

Mondo 32 Krampus Christmas 1 Lieutenant Sulu—The Christmas Song 2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers 3. Dick Robertson & his Orchestra—I Want You for Christmas—Santa Claus Blues 4. Tonto, Tarzan and Frankenstein—Little Drummer Boy—Saturday Night Live 5. The Three Suns—Skaters’ Waltz 6. … Continue reading

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Episode 31: Noël Dans L’Enfer

Weihnachten in der Hölle 1 Der Kleine Nils—Weihnachtsmann Hotline 2. Orff Music 3. Johnny Hill–Sag Mama, Warum hat der Weihnachtsmann Papa’s Neue Schue an? 4. David Sedaris Netherlands Xmas 1 5. James Last–Kling Glöcken 6. Tino Rossi—Petit Papa Noël 5. … Continue reading

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30: Santa Diablo

“Buenos Dias, Recepcion a Navidad en infierno: Santa Diablo. “ zadora.mp3 Rankin and Bass Menudo—La Galina Adam West Greetings Border Brass—Deck the Halls Los Ninos Cantores de Navidad—Jingle Bells Arnold Schwartzenegger Border Brass—Jolly Old St Nicholas Augie Rios—Donde Esta Santa … Continue reading

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29: Now That’s What I Call Mondo Diablo!

A tribute to those spirited, passionate souls who lack the ear for music–and those geniuses who understand the beauty of it all. Satan’s Little Helper—All Your Christmasses The Savers.wav ChristmasKids of the Children’s Psychiatric Hospital—O Come All Ye Faithful Wayne … Continue reading

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Episode 28: Christmas? That’s Unpossible!

This week we’ll have a joyous celebration of the sublime to the ridiculous. Playlist Yul 8 Hooray for Santy Claus—Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Line Material–Let’s trim the Christmas tree Yul 9 Lenny Dee—Jingle Bell Rock—Happy Holi-Dee Resurrection Rabbit–It’s Christmas, … Continue reading

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O Holy CRAP!

O Holy Night

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