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Episode 68: The Secret Life of Plants

Mondo 68: The Secret Life of Plants Molly Roth * Plant Talk 1 Alleee 1 Ken Wallace * When God Dipped His Pen of Love Plant Talk 2 Isao Tomita and Claude Debussy * Arabesque Number One Anson (Potsy) Williams … Continue reading

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Episode 67: 50 Nifty United States

Mondo 67: 50 Nifty United States Part One McDonalds * Ronald McDonald Visits America Introduction Alleee 1 Jacques Perrey * The Savers 50 Nifty United States McDonalds * Ronald visits the White House Arthur Lyman * Babalik Ka Rin * … Continue reading

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Episode 66: Mondo Tabarnack! A Visit to La Belle Provence

Mondo TABARNACK! A Visit to La Belle Province Alleee * La Chasse-Galerie La Bottine Souriante * La Tucque Alleee 1 Bowser & Blue * You should speak French Molsen Brewery * I am a Canadian! La Danse A St-Dilon Malajube … Continue reading

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Episode 65: X-Day and Fake X-Day

The Mondo 65 FAQ (which is from Wikipedia, of course): 1. What is X-Day? X-Day is part of the mythology of the satirical Church of the SubGenius, an organization formed as a parody of cults and extreme religious groups, and … Continue reading

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