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Episode 78: The Ranting of Francis E Dec

Mondo 78 The Ranting of Francis E Dec FEDEC 1 Alleee 1 Charlie Farquharson * Yer Garden of Eatin’ FEDEC 2 Synthesizers Unlimited * March of the Elastic Band Body is for Christ Natacha Snitkine * Jeu du Telephone (Music … Continue reading

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77: What if the Cosmos is All There Is? Christian Nihilism

Questions are from Christian Answers Dot Net. Question 1: “If all of life is meaningless, and ultimately absurd , why bother to march straight forward, why stand in the queue as though life as a whole makes sense?” —Francis Schaeffer, … Continue reading

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76: The Wonders of the 20th Century

Inspired by Paleo-Future. LHJ1 Alleee 1 Dr. BLT * Try to Remember (September 11) LHJ2 Utilities Lenny Dee * 1900 Yesterday Jorge Torrens * King of the Road LHJ3 Cellphones Gene Rain * Bangcock Cockfight Aren Steinbrecher * Taliban on … Continue reading

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Episode 75: Nastiology Now!

Mr Rogers Dr. Dianne * Nastiology Now! 1 Alleee 1 Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter * Abba Dabba Honeymoon Nastiology 2 Russ Garcia * Sophisticated Lady The Don Reynolds Orchestra * Abracadabra * Nuptials in New Jersey! Nastiology 3 Speed … Continue reading

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