Episode 82: The Devil is in the Details

You're Mine!!!

Satan 1
Glen Gray and Casa Loma Orchestra * The House is Haunted
Satan 2
Tommy Dorsey and Orchestra * Dry Bones
Rudy Vallee and his Connecticut Yankees * With her Head Tucked Underneath her Arm
Charlie Brown * I Got a Rock
The Monotones * Zombi
The Playmates * The Thingamajig
Satan 3
Leopold Stokowski * Holsts’s Neptune the Mystic from the Planets
Ted Weems and his Orchestra * Mysterious Mose
Jack Chick Halloween Message
Vaughn Monroe * Riders in the Sky
Don Hinson and his Rigormorticians * That Little Old Graverobber Me
Satan 4
Les Baxter and the Mellowmen * Grim Grinning Ghostly Voodoo Dreams
Danny Elfman * This is Halloween
Satan 5
The Count * Transylvania Polka
Bjork * Gloomy Sunday
Satan 6
Bob Thompson and Mae West * Criswell Predicts
David Bowie * Please, Mr. Gravedigger
Satan 7
Jellyroll Morton * Dead Man Blues
Satan Loves Me

Drink the Black Sperm of His VENGEANCE!!

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About alleee

Mondo Diablo is a, one-hour podcast, generally with a weekly theme, like movie soundtracks, vintage jazz, Scientology, Creationism, Fundamentalist Wisdom, Hippies, or whatever other topic I think I can tie to music. I play a broad range of music styles, from cocktail-lounge to bluegrass, to 60’s and 70’s, to styles that might better be left undescribed. Most podcasts see me popping in now and then with a few friends to remind you that I am, indeed, Hellbound Alleee, and I might read a few news stories to remind you of that. Fair warning: I will be making at least five Christmas-themed podcasts when the season comes!
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2 Responses to Episode 82: The Devil is in the Details

  1. belle dee says:

    Dirty, Stinky Sesspool of Sin? I’m soaking in it.
    Excuse me, I’m busy doing drugs & getting ready for Halloween.

  2. belle dee says:

    no wait, I forgot……….
    Haw! Haw!

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