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Episode 107: Best. Call. EVER.

Bob Lassiter Wiki
Lassiter Airchecks


Lassiter 1
Alleee 1
Alizee * Mon Taxi Driver
Lassiter 2
Steve Gray * Running from Danger
Brighton Drag Queen Massacre * Tourettes 678
Lassiter 3
Syd Dale * The Explorers
Vis Iskre * Telstar (demo)
Lassiter 4
Dick Hyman * Special Assignment
Cal Veale * Paralyzed
Lassiter 5
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett * Mon Amour
Jean Shepherd * My Mama Didn’t Raise no Fools
Lassiter 6
Syd Dale * Lazing in the Sun
Oscar Celestin * Papa’s Got the Jim Jams
Lassiter 7
Syd Dale * Pony Cart
Rainbo (aka Sissy Spacek) * John, You Went too Far This Time
Lassiter 8
Bernard Fevre * Space Team
RIAA * Revelation Fever
Lassiter 9
Quite Contrary
Robert Owens * I’m in Love With my Sister
Lassiter 10
Johnny Hawksworth * Little Giggles
Ralph Stanley * No School Bus in Heaven
Lassiter 11
Herbie Mann * Pick up the Pieces
Stan Frieberg * Take an Indian to Lunch
John Murtaugh * Slinky
Alleee 2

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Episode 106: White Babies


Babies Buying Babies 

White Babies 1
Cher * Mama When My Dollies Have Babies
White Babies 2
Syd Dale * Let’s March
Gloria Wood * Hey! Bellboy!
White Babies 3
Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw * Move Move Move
Julie London * Hot Toddy
White Babies 4
Johnny Pearson * Hair Razor
Les Baxter * Milord
White Babies 5
Keith Mansfield * Pop Package
The Sugarplastic * Don’t Look Down
White Babies 6
Kenny Wheeler * Early Bird
April Stevens * Teach me Tiger
White Babies 7
Alan Hawkshaw and Keith Mansfield * Piccadilly Night Ride
Nelson Riddle * Lolita Ya-Ya
White Babies 8
Neil Richardson * The Bowler Hat Brigade
Red Sovine * Six Broken Hearts
White Babies 9
Keith Mansfield * The Weasel Goel Pop
Yoko Ono & Cat Power * Yes, I’m a Witch
White Babies 10
Alleee 2

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Episode 105: The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard, Part 5

Scientology is a Dangerous Cult.


The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 5

Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 45
Alleee 1
Operation Clambake
Enturbulator 009 * Xenu’s Car Wash
L Ron 46
Enoch Light * Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White * A Musical Coloring Book
Anne-Margret * My Last Date with You
L Ron 47
Oswald D’Andrea * Heure 1
The Dave Pell Singers * Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town * Mah-Na-Mah-Nah
L Ron 48
Ray Anthony * Wonderland By Night * Dream Dancing
Kyle Jarrow * Finale * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 49
Warren Kime * Everybody Loves My Baby * Explosive Brass
The Specialists * Groovin’ * Tomorrow’s Standards
L Ron 50
Ray Clodoveo Accordeon Orchestra * Love is Blue
Karl Zero * Rico Vacilon
L Ron 51
Woody Martens * Green Onions * Woody’s Mood
Enturbulator 009 * If They Can’t Take a Joke
L Ron 52
Bert Kaempfert * Skokkian
Matt & Sylvia * Walk on By
L Ron 53
Dick Hyman * The Legend of Johnny Pot
J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet * Old Country Church Medley
L Ron 54
Lucien Lavoute * Grande Corniche
Paul Anka * Wonderwall
L Ron 55
Kyle Jarrow * Rain (2)
L Ron 56
Alleee 2

Suppressive Person Declare!

Episode 104: The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard, Part 4

Scientology: A Dangerous Cult.

Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 34
Alleee 1 * The Road to Xenu, by Margery Wakefield
Enturbulator 009 * 8 Million
L Ron 35
A Kazdin & T.Z. Shepard * Carmen (Introduction of the Toreador)
Rotem Or * One of Us Isn’t Wrong
L Ron 36
Les Baxter * Stone God
Kyle Jarrow * The Way That It Began
L Ron 37
Claude Denjean * Everybody’s Talkin’
The Lamplighters * Cottonfields
L Ron 38
Anthony Mawer * Undercover Girl
Enoch Light * Ode to Billy Joe
L Ron 39
Billy May * In the Mood Cha-Cha
Julie London * Mighty Quinn
L Ron 40
Enoch Light * Tales from the Vienna Woods
Milford Perkins * Jerry the Butcher Man
L Ron 41
Samba de Orfeu
Enturbulator 009 * Virus Hubbard
L Ron 42
Desi Arnaz * Tico Tico
Kyle Jarrow * Something Special
L Ron 43
Michel Legrand * Alcatraz
Christophe * Je ne T’aime Plus
L Ron 44
Alleee 2

Operating Thetan Level 4

Link Fixed! Episode 103: The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 3

The Church of Scientology is a Dangerous Cult.


Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 23
Alleee 1
Enturbulator 009 One of Us
L Ron 24
Martin Denny * Fandango
Esquivel * Mini Skirt
L Ron 25
Nils Tibor * So What’s New?
Kyle Jarrow * Searching
L Ron 26
Soundsational * Sugar, Sugar
Bis * Fight the Power
L Ron 27
Sandy Courage * Hot Rod Rumble
Teen Queens * You Good Boy; You Get Cookie
L Ron 28
Count Basie and his Orchestra * Go Away, Little Girl
Enturbulator 009 * L Ron Hubbard was a Con Man
L Ron 29
Esquivel * Johnson Rag
Lady in Cement
L Ron 30
Hervè Roy * French Pop
Gene Pitney * Town Without Pity
L Ron 31
John Barry * Beat Girl
Devo * Go, Monkey, Go!
L Ron 32
Al Caiola * Big Noise from Winetka
Kyle Jarrow * Rain
L Ron 33
Alleee 2

Operating Thetan Level 3

Episode 102: The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard Part 2

Looking for a Dangerous Cult? Try Scientology!

The Scandal of Scientology

Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 12
Alleee 1
Kyle Jarrow * Science of the Mind
L Ron 13
Al Caiola * Experiment in Terror
Enturbulator 009 * Ron Got Penetrated
L Ron 14
Dave Pell * This Could be the Start of Something Big
New Classic Singers * Call Me
L Ron 15
Nelson Riddle * The Theme from Route 66
Sonic Youth * Sunday
L Ron 16
Dick Schory and the Percussive Art Ensemble * Crocodile Crawl
Wax Audio * Stayin’ Alive in the Wall
L Ron 17
Moog Cookbook * Black Hole Sun
Kyle Jarrow * Mister Auditor
L Ron 18
Line Renaud * Sexe
Enturbulator 009 * Make Money Make More Money
L Ron 19
Milt Buckner * The Beast
Andy Williams * Imagine
L Ron 20
The Jamming Scouts and the Pretty Trumpets * Please be Kind
Bobby Wayne * Oh! That’ll be Joyful
L Ron 21
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson * Indian Pop Bass
The Impossibles from Thailand
L Ron 22
Martin Denny * Cool
Alleee 2

Operating Thetan Level 1

Episode 101: The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 1

What is a Dangerous Cult?

Modemac wiki: What is Scientology?


Mondo Diablo Episode 101

The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 1


Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 1
Alleee 1
Enturbulator 009 * Scientology Sucks
L Ron 2
Roger Webb Sound * Sunshine * Moonshade
Unknown Artist * Want More of a Tangy Yangy Yang
L Ron 3
The Jamming Scouts and the Pretty Trumpets * Mood in Slop
Kyle Jarrow * L Ron Hubbard
L Ron 4
Mort Garson * Aquarius
Better Beatles * Penny Lane
L Ron 5
Johnny Hawksworth* Bite Hard
Enturbulator 009 * Entheta
L Ron 6
The Keyboards * Alone Again, Naturally
Calogero * Pomme C
L Ron 7
Al Stephano and his Trio * Si
Japanese Kid
L Ron 8
Keith Papworth * Speed Trap * Hard Hitter
Kyle Jarrow * Hey! It’s a Happy Day
L Ron 9
Fearless Vampire Killers * Main Title
MC Slimey and the Teletubbies * The Salmon Dance
L Ron 10
Jerry Goldsmith * Opening Titles * Logan’s Run
Ralph Carter * A Song in my Heart * Young and in Love
L Ron 11
Alleee 2

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Episode 100! I Gots a New Computah!


Computer Stupidities
Computer Stupid 1
Alleee 1
Hank Ray * River of No Return
Computer Stupid 2
Al Stephano and his Trio * Mambo Number Five
Tom and Alene Ogdon * Sheltered
Computer Stupid 3
Greg Edmonson * Big Bar Fight * Firefly
Margaret Berger * Seek I’ll Hide * Pretty Scary Silver Fairy
Computer Stupid 4
Bernie Green * Mister Peepers Theme * Plays More than You can Stand in Hi-Fi
Unknown Artist * We are the Champions of God * Unbelievable Believers: Incredible Christian Song Demos
Computer Stupid 5
101 Strings * La Paloma
The Charles Napiers * The Ballad of Rockridge * The Hour of the Gun
Computer Stupid 6
Skip Martin’s Video All-Stars * Richard Diamond Theme
Enoch Light * Eleanor Rigby * Spaced Out
Computer Stupid 7
Enoch Light * What the World Needs Now * Spaced Out
Andare Kandore * Kandore Mandore
Computer Stupid 8
Les Baxter * Hot Summer Night * Love is a Wonderful Thing
Better Beatles * Eleanor Rigby * Mersey Beat
Computer Stupid 9:
Monte Maxwell * Amazing Grace
Kyle Jarrow * The Way that it Began * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
Computer Stupid 10
Nils Tibor * Michaela-Hello-A-Popcorn
The Macs * I’m 37 * Winners and Losers
Computer Stupid 11
The Keyboards * oo Waka Doo Waka Day
Alleee 2

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Episode 99: Funtastic Fundie Funnies

Don't Kill Us, O Lord


1- David Rollins, City Business Church
Alleee 1
Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety * If You Love Me Baby, Tell Me LOUD
2- fldpan,
Charles the Bartender * It’s Althight Now
Baretta Theme * Don’t Do It
3- AV1611VET, Christian Forums
Bert Kaemfert * Danke Shoen
Love is a Heart-On * Woman of Pleasure
4- Ia Orana, MSN Miss Manners
Pat Morris * We’re Diabetic
Chuck Aherns and the Cannonballs * American Party Song
5- Shelby Corbitt,
Speed Racer Incidental Music
Kenny Meyer * Purple
6- Sassedenough,
Betty Harris and Jack Arthur * Stashu Pendowski
Charles Stephen Page * Armaggeddon
7- Tom Halvorsen, The Joplin Globe
Dennis Farnon and his Orchestra * Rhumba Medley
Carson Robison and his Pleasant Valley Boys * That Horse Named Pete
8- Just try to touch my hat, Yahoo! Answers
Lew Childe * Jig Time
Larry and Shirley * The Cuckoo
9- Anonymous, Dwindling In Unbelief
Henry Mancini * Moanin’
Keith Michell * Palaces of Fun
10- Kas, Christian Forums
Steve Bent * Doobie Dow Song
11- Cam Sheets, facebook
Alleee 2

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