Episode 101: The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 1

What is a Dangerous Cult?

Modemac wiki: What is Scientology?


Mondo Diablo Episode 101

The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 1


Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 1
Alleee 1
Enturbulator 009 * Scientology Sucks
L Ron 2
Roger Webb Sound * Sunshine * Moonshade
Unknown Artist * Want More of a Tangy Yangy Yang
L Ron 3
The Jamming Scouts and the Pretty Trumpets * Mood in Slop
Kyle Jarrow * L Ron Hubbard
L Ron 4
Mort Garson * Aquarius
Better Beatles * Penny Lane
L Ron 5
Johnny Hawksworth* Bite Hard
Enturbulator 009 * Entheta
L Ron 6
The Keyboards * Alone Again, Naturally
Calogero * Pomme C
L Ron 7
Al Stephano and his Trio * Si
Japanese Kid
L Ron 8
Keith Papworth * Speed Trap * Hard Hitter
Kyle Jarrow * Hey! It’s a Happy Day
L Ron 9
Fearless Vampire Killers * Main Title
MC Slimey and the Teletubbies * The Salmon Dance
L Ron 10
Jerry Goldsmith * Opening Titles * Logan’s Run
Ralph Carter * A Song in my Heart * Young and in Love
L Ron 11
Alleee 2

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About alleee

Mondo Diablo is a, one-hour podcast, generally with a weekly theme, like movie soundtracks, vintage jazz, Scientology, Creationism, Fundamentalist Wisdom, Hippies, or whatever other topic I think I can tie to music. I play a broad range of music styles, from cocktail-lounge to bluegrass, to 60’s and 70’s, to styles that might better be left undescribed. Most podcasts see me popping in now and then with a few friends to remind you that I am, indeed, Hellbound Alleee, and I might read a few news stories to remind you of that. Fair warning: I will be making at least five Christmas-themed podcasts when the season comes!
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