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Episode 120: Skeptoid Presents Fast-Food Phobia

With a big thanks and a plug to the Skeptoid Podcast Playlist Supersize 1 Alleee 1 Loituma * Levan Polka Supersize 2 The Nordic Rhythm Boys * Johan Pa Snippen Smokey Harless * A Place for them called Hell Supersize … Continue reading

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Protest against Mohammed Cartoons, Christian-Style

I’ve been having yet another interesting discussion with a teenager on my blog. (I might point out that she threatened me with the fact that she was a teenager. You’ll see what I said.) She was complaining about the Jesus … Continue reading

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Episode 119: Fundies are Frightening

Thanks to Fundies Say the Darndest Things Playlist 1-hilhill Alleee 1 Lord Radio and the Bimshire Boys * I Wanna be a Puppy 2-Guy4God, RaptureReady Les Humphries * Up, Up and Away Big Blue Marble Theme 3-Anonymous, comments The … Continue reading

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Episode 118: You Dirty French Frog!

Watch “But Names Will Never Hurt Me?” Playlist PBS Theme-French Frog 1 Alleee 1 Fissunix vs IV my People * IV my Breton All About You-French Frog 2 Electric Concept Orchestra * Witchita Lineman Malajube * Pate Filo Parlez-Moi-French Frog … Continue reading

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Manos: The Hands of Fate-A You Tube by Me

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Xanadu: A Tribute to the Lesser Characters

I loved Xanadu from the first time I saw the videocassette. Yes, I was exactly at the right age to appreciate such a movie–about 13 at the time. But I was kind of an anti-conformist, so I assumed everything about … Continue reading

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Video: How I Met My Husband

This is from the kids’ show Inside/Out, from 1973. I watched this in school sometime between 3rd and 5th grade. None of us knew there was a French-Canada before this; much less a Hull, Quebec. But Names Will Never Hurt … Continue reading

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