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Episode 127: Customers are Frikken Stupid

Sites to See Customers Suck Retail Hell Underground Clientcopia Playlist Stupid 1 Alleee 1 Gillian Hills * Ne Ten Fais Pas Stupid 2 Piero Umilani * Fotomodelle Liz Brady * Partie De Dames Stupid 3 Keith Droste * ‘T’Ain’t Necessarily … Continue reading

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Episode 126: The Riddle of the Hack Mystery Writer

The Harry Stephen Keeler Society Harry Stephen Keeler Home Page Harry Wiki RAMBLE HOUSE (another great site I didn’t steal from) WARNING (from our friends at Wikipedia) “The Neutrality” of these pages “is disputed.” THE HORROR! Playlist Keeler 1 from … Continue reading

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Episode 125: The Circle of the Crystal Children

Starring: Pastor Deacon Fred Bible Stories-the story of creation Fred Phelps Rev “Budd” Spriggs from “What the Bible Says about Flying Saucers” Little Marky Charles Manson Billy Bob Neck Marcy Tigner The Motels Ken Wallace Pierre Raymonde CNN You Tube … Continue reading

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Freedom is not Anti-Social Part 2: The Moral Argument

Market Anarchy Playlist MOF 1 Guy Pederson * Bass After Love Alleee 1 Serge Gainsbourg * Ballade de Melody Nelson MOF 2 Alan Parker & Mike Moran * Move and Shake Your Body Jocelyne * Nitty Gritty Phil Harris * … Continue reading

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Freedom is not Anti-Social Part 1: Morality

Machinery of Freedom podcast on Playlist Morality 1 Alleee 1 Ed Bruce * Hummin’ Cummins Morality 2 Helmut Zacharias * Naturally Stoned Jaymz Bee & The Royal Jelly Orchestra * You Oughta Know Morality 3 Wendy Carlos * Sinfonia … Continue reading

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Episode 122 is NRA: A Legacy of Conservation

NRA: A Legacy of Conservation at WFMU Beware of the Blog WARNING: This one’s long and over 50 megs. Playlist NRA * Open Spaces Alleee 1 The Oceans * Super Snooper NRA * Just Like Any Other Animal Hans Wuman … Continue reading

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Episode 121: Batshit Christianity

Link of the week: Ebon Musings Playlist Christian Nuttiness 1 Alleee 1 I Am A Man; What Does That Mean? Christian Nuttiness 2 Gershon Kingsley * Hey, Hey Big A * Jesus is About to Rap This Up Christian Nuttiness … Continue reading

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