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Episode 154: The Most Righteous Man

The Gospel of “Jesus Christ” in the Story of Noah


Noah 1
Alleee 1
Guy Drake * Sex Education
Noah 2
The Three Suns * Danny’s Inferno
The Sun Spots * You Gotta Love Everybody
Noah 3
The Keyboards * If I Don’t Get You Back Again
The Mike Sammes Singers * At the Crossroads
Noah 4
Syd Dale * Beauty Parade
Weiners and Waffles
Noah 5
Ice Cream Truck * Lips Stained Blue
Optiganally Yours * Witchita Lineman
Noah 6
Russ Care and His Orchestra * War Dance for a Wooden Indian
UFOetry * We Never Went to the Moon
Noah 7
Frédéric Mercier * Totem
Max Bygraves * Ma
Noah 8
Enoch Light * My Silent Song
Mr Sears and Mr Roebuck
Noah 9
Geraldo and his Orchestra * Cherry Pink Mambo
Jonathan and Darlene Edwards * I Am Woman

Alleee 2

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Episode 153 is The Psychedelic Christian: Pastor John Rydgren

Heavenly Grooves Blog


John Rydgren * Music to Watch Girls By
Unknown Artist * Hot Summer Nights
John Rydgren * 23rd Psalm
Helmut Zacharias * Brown Eyed Woman
The Cowboy Church Sunday School * Little Black Sheep
John Rydgren * Rinky DInk
Medley 1
Tammy Faye Bakker * The Devil’s After Me
John Rydgren * An Offering in Music
Hugo Montenegro * Superstition
Unknown Artist * Oh! Lord!
John Rydgren * Disadvantage in Life
Indian Love Call
Eilert Pilarm * Take My Hand, Precious Lord
John Rydgren * Hippy Version of Creation
Dick Hyman * Tea for Two
Mitchell’s Christian Singers * Dem Bones
John Rydgren * Search it Out
Dick Schory * Moonlight Reflection
African Maid
John Rydgren * Plea of a Lonely Girl
Alleee 2


Episode 152: I am not a Terrorist

Free Peace mp3s


Norman Nawrocki * Why I am an Anarchist
Alleee 1
Mike Malloy * Orwellian Bushisms
Skidmark Bob * Big Bob Brother Remix
Bring it on
Shitake Mushroom * I am Not a Terrorist 1
Mike Malloy 2
George Carlin * Your Owners 1
Jello Biafra * Beat Around the Bush 1
David Yarborough * Bushit
Mike Malloy 3
George Carlin 2
Jello Biafra 2
Shitake Mushroom * I am Not a Terrorist 2
Ramsey Clarke * Impeach Remix
George Carlin 3
Jello Biafra 3
Jay Mankita * They Lied
Shitake Mushroom * I am not a Terrorist 3
Fashion Report * Pay TV
Geirge Carlin 4
Jello Biafra 4
The Tennessee Roughnecks * Message of Deep Devotion
Shitake Mushrooms * I am not a Terrorist 4
George Carlin 5
Jello Biafra Remix

War is Peace Out

Download for Peace

Episode 151: Our Man Stagg


Our Man Stagg 1
Alleee 1
Come On-A My House
Our Man Stagg 2
Ambros Seelos * Mabusso
Lt United * We Are the Winners
Our Man Stagg 3
Alain Gallet * Un Jour…Anywhere
Gene Freeman * Fidel Castro
Our Man Stagg 4
Don Kelly Band * Guitar Shower
Ole Moon Daddy * Moon Daddy
Our Man Stagg 5
James Last * Aquarius
People Like Us * Crazy
Our Man Stagg 6
Pierro Piccioni * Barrel Organ
RIAA * Kill Your Merry Go-Round
Our Man Stagg 7
Paul Mauriat * Silver Fingertips
Sigur Ros * Glósóli
Our Man Stagg 8
Nelson Riddle * Volcano’s Daughter
Jesse Lee Turner * The Little Space Girl
Our Man Stagg 9
Ananda Shankar * Snow Flower
The Phi Mu Washtub Band * Love Hurts
Our Man Stagg 10
Fred Bongusto * Il Divorzio
Alleee 2

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