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Episode 162: Bride of Satan

And here’s the stupid-ass site responsible for this shit
St. Birgitta (For the trackback: Hiya, fundies! I’m a Satanist witch too! Ooo, scary! I hate God and Jesus, and want your children to be like me! It’s the End o’ Days! Run for your lives!!!)

(PS: Fair Use.)


Jk Rowling 1
Alleee 1
Don Cherry * Big Bad Wolf
JK 2
Frankie Stein and his Ghouls * Mummy’s Little Boy
Vincent Price and the Muppets * You’ve Got a Friend
JK 3
DSS Productions * Morticia’s Theme
Lord Melody * Creature from the Black Lagoon
JK 4
Billy May * Return of the Zombie
Louis Armstrong * Skeleton in the Closet
JK 5
Sid Bass * The House is Haunted
Aleister Crowley * The Pentagram
JK 6
Noro Morales * Mr. Ghost Goes to Town
Jonathan Coulton * Re: Your Brains
JK 7
101 Strings * Tubular Bells
Del-Vikings * Sorcerer’s Apprentice
JK 8
Artie Shaw * Nightmare
Charlie Spivak Orchestra * Inner Sanctum
JK 9
Bauhaus * St Vitus Dance
Ma Rainey * Black Cat Hoot Owl Blues
JK 10
Jack Hylton * Bogie Wail
Alleee 2

Download, for the sake of the children! Who will think of the children?!?

Episode 161: Alleee’s Halloween Special


Drive-In 1
Alleee 1
Paul Lynd * We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Drive-In 2
Main Title, Plan 9 from Outer Space
Devil’s Nightmare
Drive-In 3
James Bernard * The Devils Rides Out
Main Title, The Paul Lynd Halloween Special
Drive-In 4
Plan 9 * Saucers over Hollywood
Bob Rivers * Ghosts in White Linen
Drive-in 5
National Symphony Orchestra * The Bear Dance
Florence Henderson * That Old Black Magic
Drive-In 6
Duke Ellington * In the Hall of the Mountain King
The Capettes * Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Drive-In 7
The Kingsmen * Haunted Castle
Roz Kelley, Paul Lynde, Margaret Hamilton, Billy Hayes, Florence Henderson and Cast of the Paul Lynde Halloween Special * Disco Baby
Drive-In 8
Mantovani * The Deserted Ballroom
Anton Lavey * Gloomy Sunday
Drive-In 9
Wade Denning, Kay Lande * The Pumpkin Tells
Ray Stevens * Laughing Over my Grave
Drive-In 10
The Kiddie Kats * Mister Boogie Woogie
Rocky Sharpe and the Replays * Martian Hop
Jay Russo * ‘T’Ain’t No Sin
Paul Lynde et al * Disco Baby Reprise
Alleee 2

Download at your own peril

Episode 160: Dark Dungeons


Alleee 1
Columbia Pictures * The H Man
Vic Mizzy * Morticia’s Theme
Kryzysztof Komeda * Main Title, Rosemary’s Baby
The Comateens * The Munsters Theme
Zombina and the Skeleteens * Frankenlady
Rosengarden and Kraus * Satan Takes a Holiday
Maury Laws and Ethel Ennis * Mad Monster Party
Alessandro Alessandroni * Lady Frankenstein
The Vogues * Which Witch Doctor
Vic Mizzy * The Addams House
Stanley Holoway * Sweeney Todd the Barber
Tak Shindo * Bali Hai
Talking Heads * Psycho Killer
The Three Suns * Danny’s Inferno
J. Whitney * My Friend the Ghost
Masaru Sato * Godzilla vs Anguirus
Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra * The Raven

Download Before the Lord

Episode 159: Boo!


Boo 1
Alleee 1
Merv Griffin * House of Horrors
Boo 2
Ghoulin’ Around
Gordon Polk and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra * My Friend the Ghost
Boo 3
Alec Templeton * The Ghost Rhapsody
Bill Buchanan * The Night Before Halloween
Boo 4
The Original Piano Quintet * In the Hall of the Mountain King
Cyril Smith * With Her Head Tucked Underneath her Arm
Boo 5
Lalo Schifrin * The Haunting
The Tubes * Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman
Boo 6
Prince’s Band * Spooky Spooks
Sharkey Todd and his Monsters * Cool Ghoul
Boo 7
Club Royal Orchestra * The Sneak
You Can’t Ghoul Me
Boo 8
David Rose and His Orchestra * Satan and the Polar Bear
Lambert, Hendricks and Ross * Halloween Spooks
Alleee 2

Download Now

Episode 158: The Noah’s Ark Horror

Slaylist (I stole that from Music You (Possibly) Won’t Hear Anyplace Else. He doesn’t like atheists much, but he sure has great taste in music!)

Noah 1
Alleee 1
The Space Cadets * Astrobilly Rockin’
Noah 2
Frankie Stein * What Kind of Ghoul am I
Eddie Cletro and his Round Up Boys * Flying Saucer Boogie
Noah 3
Carl Brandt * My Favorite Martian
Whodini * The Haunted House of Rock
Noah 4
Robert Cobert * Josette’s Theme (from “Dark Shadows”)
Johnnie Long and his Orchestra * The Boogie Man
Noah 5
Wendy Carlos * Opening Theme from “The Shining”
The Modernaires * The Rockin’ Ghost
Noah 6
John Gart at the Conn Electronic Organ with The Minute Men * Funeral March for a Marionette
The Happy Hamsters * Carol Anne’s Theme from “Poltergeist”
Noah 7
Marty Manning * Night on Bald Mountain
The Barmy Brothers with Novelty Orchestra * Ain’t it Grand to be Bloomin’ Well Dead
Noah 8
Robert Cobert * The Old House (from “Dark Shadows”)
Leslie Hall with Elvira * Zombie Killers
Noah 9
Ozzie Nelson and Orchestra * The Black Cat
Gracie Fields * The House is Haunted
Noah 10
Giorgio Moroder * Rotwang’s Party
Jan August * The Naughty Ghost
Alleee 2

Clownload (hey, it’s an attempt)

It Was a Dark, and Hard-to-Read Blog…

…but it’s October, and Halloween only comes once a year.

Don’t worry. It’ll only last a month! On to the podcast!!!


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