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Episode 199: The Road to Xenu Part 1

This is from Margery Wakefield’s online book, “The Road to Xenu,” which is a lightly fictionalized account of her years in Scientology and the Sea Org. Playlist Road to Xenu 1 Alleee 1 Syd Dale * Stanley Steamer Jimmie Revard … Continue reading

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Episode 198: Self-Hypnosis with Gil Boyne

Subtitle: The Baby Becomes State Property at Conception or Moral Tautology is Arbitrary The show features Gil Boyne. He’s going to hypnotize you! Here’s my rant: Because China doesn’t have freedom of speech, it’s “right” for them to confiscate any … Continue reading

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Episode 197: Carl Sagan on Natural and Artificial Selection

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos is still relevant, still enlightening, and still entertaining after twenty-nine (!) years. I am fond of them all, but the one that sticks in my mind is the tale of the Heiki Crabs, which bear, ostensibly, miraculous … Continue reading

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