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Mondo Diablo Episode 210: A Kool Kristian Kids Koncert

This week I have an old favorite from the 365 Days Project: Know When to Say No and It’s Cool in the Furnace by Beryl Red and Grace Hawthorne. Playlist It’s Cool 1 Alleee 1 Enoch Light * The Look … Continue reading

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Mondo Diablo Episode 209: What YOU Lookin’ At?

It’s another clearance sale. I also talk about Memento Mori and Victorian Christmas Ornaments. Playlist Christian Nation Seventh-Day Adventist Church Alleee 1 Alan Hawkshaw and Alan Parker * Hotpants Fanfarlo * Harold T. Wilkins, Or How To Wait For A … Continue reading

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Mondo Diablo Episode 208: Step Right Up!

This show is about medicine shows and patent medicines. I’m reading a label I found over at Sideshow World. Playlist Intro Chief White Eagle 1 Alleee 1 Ron Grainer and his Orchestra * A Man in a Suitcase Jerry Jericho … Continue reading

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Mondo Diablo Episode 207: How to be a No-Good, Dirty, Rotten, Child-Abuser, with James Dobson

This week, Dobson and friends determine how to tell if your child is involved in SATANISM. This usually involves listening to that ROCK AND/OR ROLL MUSIC. Playlist Possession 1 Alleee 1 Bernard Herman * Prelude Jake Porter Combo * Go … Continue reading

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