Mondo Diablo Episode 266: A Manson Family Jamboree

I saw the film “Live Freaky! Die Freaky!” so I had to make a podcast about Those Wacky Mansons.


1 The Manson Family-Where are they now
Hollyridge Strings * Scarborough Fair
Mighty Sphincter * The New Manson Family
2 Hadie Begins her Story
Ken Aldin * Dark Alley
Billie Joe Armstrong * Mechanical Man
3 Manson Family Suicide Sex
The Dave Pike Set * I’ve Got That Feelin’
Crazy Christian Guy * It’s Prophesied
4 Charles Manson Sings I’m On Fire
Billy May * Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
Basil Marceaux, Tennessee Goobernatorial Candidate
5 Joel and Benji Madden * We Sentence You
Florian ZaBach * Bimini
Snatch it and Grab It * Freddie Hart
6 Charles Manson Busts a Flow
Happy Accordion * It’s Magic
Rosemary Clooney * Sway
7 Manson Family Girls Interviewed Downtown Los Angeles Courthouse Corner, 1970, Shortly After Verdicts
Ray Anthony * Kukie Bird
The Otis Skillings Singers * Young World
8 Manson Family Girls Singing
Rita Ford * Onward Christian Soldiers
The Murmaids * Bull Talk
9 The Manson Girls Speak
Ruth Welcome * Golden Earrings
Theo Kogan * The Wonderful Things
10-Charles Manson * I Am the King
Alleee 2


About alleee

Mondo Diablo is a, one-hour podcast, generally with a weekly theme, like movie soundtracks, vintage jazz, Scientology, Creationism, Fundamentalist Wisdom, Hippies, or whatever other topic I think I can tie to music. I play a broad range of music styles, from cocktail-lounge to bluegrass, to 60’s and 70’s, to styles that might better be left undescribed. Most podcasts see me popping in now and then with a few friends to remind you that I am, indeed, Hellbound Alleee, and I might read a few news stories to remind you of that. Fair warning: I will be making at least five Christmas-themed podcasts when the season comes!
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One Response to Mondo Diablo Episode 266: A Manson Family Jamboree

  1. Travis says:

    Hey, that’s a Joe Coleman painting!

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