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Mondo Diablo Episode 284: Vomit Collector’s Christmas

Welcome to your Atheist Christmas Podcast for the Year of Our Overlords, 2010. This year, I’m looking back at Christmas past. “Your past” you ask? No, long past. Looooong past. Go back, back, back before that cloudy April when some … Continue reading

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Mondo Diablo Episode 283: Anti-Vacc is BULLSH*T!

You have to wonder, “What the hell are they thinking,” but you can’t put words in their mouths and mothers are sacred. Can you convince them that no one has died from prank tainted Halloween candy? Of course not. Because … Continue reading

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Mondo Diablo Episode 282: Let Us Play at Exorcism!

This week, our old friend Bob Larson tries to pull off some amazingly New Age therapy on some gay men. It includes the assumption that they hate their fathers, and when that doesn’t pan out, they hate their mothers. I … Continue reading

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Mondo Diablo Episode 281: Dear Friends

Enjoy the Firesign Theatre from 1970, from the show “Dear Friends.” Playlist Dear Friends 1 Alleee 1 Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker * Girl at the Top B Art Peterson * Twinkie Insanity Bay Dear Friends 2 H Flowers and … Continue reading

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My son is gay (via Nerdy Apple Bottom)

He looks awesome. THIS is cause for “concern?” It smells like the Other Mothers are bullies, plain and simple. Stay brave, and remember that children are full, actual, walking around people, who are now and always will be separate full … Continue reading

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