I’ll Be Back

Hey ho, all you Mondo Fans.

Well, I told you I was sick, and I guess I wasn’t exaggerating. I am in the hospital now, undergoing tests on my insides. I am absolutely blood and iron-challenged. I will be in for a few more days. Huzzah! I will post more later, k?

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About alleee

Mondo Diablo is a, one-hour podcast, generally with a weekly theme, like movie soundtracks, vintage jazz, Scientology, Creationism, Fundamentalist Wisdom, Hippies, or whatever other topic I think I can tie to music. I play a broad range of music styles, from cocktail-lounge to bluegrass, to 60’s and 70’s, to styles that might better be left undescribed. Most podcasts see me popping in now and then with a few friends to remind you that I am, indeed, Hellbound Alleee, and I might read a few news stories to remind you of that. Fair warning: I will be making at least five Christmas-themed podcasts when the season comes!
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3 Responses to I’ll Be Back

  1. Roger Rotge says:

    Avoid placebo’s if possible and if you can get better by me saying, “get well soon,” do so!

  2. Louis C. Ferr says:

    My prayers are with you ;-) Get better soon!

  3. Nick Wroblewski says:

    Hang in there. We’re all thinking of you.
    Cheers from DownUnder.

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