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Mondo Diablo Episode 365: The Rise and Fall of God

This week’s content comes to us from http://www.everythingisterrible.com/, from the DJ/collage artist Defenestrator III (look for his tag on the posts there). In honor of the great work he does for the collective, or whatever you would call the folks … Continue reading

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Mondo Diablo Episode 255: God is a Killer!

Many Christians (I don’t know the percentage) actually do worship a murderous, bloodthirsty god (regardless of the fact it’s apparent in the bible that it is), and consider fear of their god a necessity to go into “heaven.” It’s a … Continue reading

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Mondo Diablo Episode 214: Our Heavenly Father’s Plan

This week’s clips are from an LDS (Mormon) video that explains an odd kind of epistemology: pray to God and He will tell you what you need to know. The bilge is rising. Hear a horrible song sung by a … Continue reading

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