Episode 19: Lappy 2000

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis spacey, electronic podcast is made in honor of my new LAPPY 2000! Also, Mormons in space!

  1. Radio Shack—21st Century Funk
  2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
  3. Beam Me Up Scotty
  4. The Christian Astronauts—Countdown
  5. L’Orchestre Electronique—Close Encounters—Star Wars Themes
  6. The Evolution Control Committee—The Fucking Moon
  7. The Christian Astronauts—Loosenut Asks Jerry
  8. Vangelis—Space Time Continuum
  9. Mormons in Space, Part 1 with
  10. John Keating—Unknown Planet
  11. Olivia Newton John and Electric Light Orchestra—Xanadu
  12. The Christian Astronauts—Jerry’s Grandmother
  13. Disco & Co.—Silver Planet
  14. Leonard Nimoy—A Visit to a Sad Planet
  15. The Christian Astronauts—Prepare to Fire
  16. Perrey-Kingsley—Carousel of the Planets
  17. Kams—Wouldn’t it be Nice—Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds
  18. The Christian Astronauts—I’ll Never Be The Same
  19. Caustic Window–Popcorn
  20. Mormons in Space Part 2
  21. Dr Demento—Star Trek Rhapsody
  22. The Christian Astronauts—Meteorite Storm
  23. L’Orchestre Electronique—Bladerunner Theme
  24. Juan Garcia Esquivel—Baia

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