Halloween Episode! #20: It Is The Spooky!

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Thrill to the chills of Mondo Diablo’s first Halloween podcast!


  1. 1—Wrong Doctrine
  2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers…fade out to scary music
  3. Little Marky—Do You Believe in God?
  4. Clip2—Courage of Bible Convictions
  5. Goblin—Mad Puppet
  6. Ted Cassidy—The Lurch
  7. Clip3—Witches Bobbing Apples
  8. Henry Hall & His Orchestra—Teddy Bears Picnic
  9. Daily Show—God Stuff–Halloween
  10. The Season is Fall—It’s Time
  11. Groovy Ghoulies Theme
  12. Diamanda Galas—Gloomy Sunday
  13. George Garlid and Lynn Freeman—Halloween
  14. Clip4—Drugs in M&M’s
  15. Twilight Zone Theme
  16. KLF Weekly Bulletin—Hallelujah Night
  17. Tom T Hall—Halloween Is
  18. Clip—History of Halloween
  19. Ted Weems and His Orchestra—Mysterious Mose
  20. Prayer Line Satan
  21. Delta Rhythm Boys—Dem Dry Bones
  22. Clip—Druid Sacrifice
  23. Paul Whiteman—Gloomy Sunday
  24. Ray Stevens—Haunted House
  25. Clip—druid Sacrifice 2
  26. Stanley Holloway—With her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
  27. Les Humphries Singers–Old Man Mose
  28. Clip—Jack O Lantern
  29. Adams Family Theme

Download Now: If You Dare!

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  1. 1
    belle dee Says:

    Where is the George Garlid and Lynn Freeman ‘Halloween’ from?

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