Halloween Cast 2: Spooky McSpookman!

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A Spooky Playlist:

  1. Giant Locusts
  2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
  3. The Puppini Sisters—Heebie Jeebie
  4. Live Giant Grasshopper
  5. William Burroughs and Tom Waits—T’Ain’t No Sin
  6. Dublxero—Halloween Hassle
  7. No One In Church
  8. Merv Griffin—The Screemin’ Meemies From Planet X
  9. I Can Read About Ghosts Part 1
  10. 2 Turntables and Lots O Monsters—The Fifth Horseman
  11. Monster Scorpions
  12. Buchanan and Ancell Meet the Monster
  13. Pilchard—Belalugarage is Dead
  14. Ready to Accept Domination
  15. H Argyles—Bug-Eyed Man
  16. Boasty—Murder in the Basement
  17. After Death More Death
  18. Lee Andrews—The Girl Around the Corner
  19. I Can Read About Ghosts Part 2
  20. DJ John—Devil Mix
  21. Awoke From the Dead
  22. Kingsmen—Haunted Castle
  23. Fettdogg-Fright Fest II

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