Halloween Cast 3: I’m Suh-Suh-Suh SCARED!

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  1. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
  2. Duke Ellington—In the Hall of the Mountain King
  3. God is the Scariest Monster on Halloween
  4. Helen Gross—Haunted House Blues
  5. Stan Freeberg–The Quest for Bridey Murphy
  6. The Five Jones Boys—Mister Ghost Goes to Town
  7. Given the Opportunity
  8. Gracie Fields—The House is Haunted
  9. Nouvelle Vague—Bela Lugosi’s Dead
  10. Harry Potter Devil
  11. Ma Rainy and Her Tub Jug Washboard Band—Black Cat, Hoot Owl Blues
  12. Horrific Child—Angoisse
  13. Kick Ass for the Lord
  14. Red Nichols & His Five Pennies–Boneyard Shuffle
  15. McMillan sing & Learn—Spooky Walk
  16. The Kiddie Kats—Mister Boogie Woogie
  17. Monster Land
  18. Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra—The Night Walker
  19. Jack Hylton and His Orchestra—Bogey Wail
  20. Destroy all Monsters II
  21. Bessie Smith—Devil’s Gonna Get You
  22. Gene Krupa and His Orchestra–Dracula
  23. Destroy Monsters III
  24. Tommy Dorsey—My Friend the Ghost
  25. Al Martino—Hush, Hush…Sweet Charlotte
  26. The Message
  27. Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra—Murder at Peyton Hall
  28. Artie Shaw and His Orchestra—Mysterioso

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