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Episode 27: Not Your Pagan Ancestors’ Christmas

November 30, 2006

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This week I’ve included clips from a very puritan documentary on the origins of Christmas. Another reason for atheists to celebrate the season!


  1. Jingle Babies—Jingle Bells
  2. Ant-Yul 1
  3. Sy Mann at the Moog Synthesizer—Tijuana Christmas—Switched-On Christmas
  4. Bongolong—Jesus Christ is Comin’ to Town—A Bongolong Christmas 2004
  5. Anti-Yul 2
  6. Nelle Villa de Fragene—Can-Can/Jingle Bells—La Dolce Vita Soundtrack
  7. Sounds Alumni—Christmas Waltz—Sounds of Christmas
  8. Samantha Bee—Seperation of Church and State—The Daily Show
  9. Laurel & Hardy—March of the Wooden Toy Soldiers—Babes in Toyland
  10. Klezmonauts—Away in the Manger
  11. Pagan Solstice
  12. La Bottine Souriante—La Cuisiniere
  13. Anti-Yul 3
  14. Dave Bergen and the Sultans of Swing—Midnight Stroll—The Harlem Nutcracker
  15. Henry Hall and BBC Dance Group—Does Santa Claus Sleep With his Whiskers Over, or Under, the Sheets?
  16. John Stewart—Christmas is Unseemly
  17. Akim—Santa Claus is a Black Man
  18. Anti-Yul 4
  19. Benny Goodman and his Orchestra—Jingle Bells—Santa Claus Blues
  20. Aled Jones—Walking in the Air
  21. John Stewart—Kwanzaa Gift to Bill—The Daily Show
  22. Dave Bergen and the Sultans of Swing—Sugar Rum Cherry
  23. Scrooge—Thank You Very Much—Scrooge Soundtrack
  24. Anti-Yul 5
  25. Lenny Dee—Sleigh Ride—Happy Holi-Dee
  26. Emmett Otter–When There Ain’t No Hole in the Washtub—Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas
  27. Anti-Yul 6
  28. Woody Herman and his Orchestra—Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
  29. Louis Prima and his New Orleans Gang—What Will Santa Claus Say (When he Finds Everybody Swingin’?)—Santa Claus Blues
  30. Anti-Yul 7
  31. Dave Bergen and the Sultans of Swing—Overture—Harlem Nutcracker

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Episode 26: A Christmas Humdinger!

November 25, 2006

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All tunes this week were recorded before the year 1930.

Jeremiah 10
Charles D’Almaine with Orchestra—Medley of Old-Time Reels (1905)
Steve Porter with Columbia Quartet—Christmas Morning at Flannigans (1906)
Prince’s Orchestra—On a Christmas Morning (1911)
Elsie Baker—Around the Christmas Tree (1914)
Gilbert Girard—Santa Claus Talks About his Toy Shop (1918)
Olive Kline
—Merry Christmas/Sleighing Song
Prince’s Orchestra—Children’s Toy March
Gilbert Girard—Santa Claus Gives Away his Toys
Cal Stewart with Ada Jones and the Peerless Quartet—Christmas Time at Pumpkin Center
Christmas Bells, from 1919
Brunswick Concert Band—Kiddies’ Dance—1920
Harry E Humphrey—Santa Claus Hides in Your Phonograph—1922
Shannon Quartet—Jingle Bells—1925
Gloria Geer and Company—Santa Claus at the Christmas Party
Haley Fisk—Christmas Message from Haley Fisk (1923)
Brunswick Concert Band—Kiddie Patrol (1920)
Clarence Williams Blues Five with Louis Armstrong—The Santa Claus Blues (1925)
Gloria Geer—The Spirit of Christmas
Shannon Quartet—Will You Love me in December
Victoria Spivey—Christmas Morning Blues
Ozle Ware with Duke Ellington’s Hot Five—Santa Claus Bring My Man Back to Me

Downeloade Now, If You Please

Episode 25: Thanksgiving: The Atheistic Holiday

November 17, 2006

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Episode 25: Thanksgiving: The Atheistic Holiday!


  1. It’s the Most Fattening Time of the Year
  2. Opening: History of Thanksgiving
  3. Hymns on Guitar—We Gather Together
  4. Disney Christmas—Over the River and Through the Woods
  5. Bewitched—Thanksgiving
  6. Cab Calloway—Ev’rybody Eats When they Come to My House
  7. Puritan Thanksgiving 1
  8. Oliver Twist—Food, Glorious Food
  9. Tex Avery—Thanksgiving
  10. Rosemary Clooney—Come Ona My House
  11. Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs—Turkey in the Straw
  12. Smothers Brothers—Thanksgiving
  13. The Marvellettes—Mashed Potato
  14. Jimmy Dean—Please Pass the Biscuits
  15. Bart Ruins Thanksgiving
  16. Jay & The Techniques—Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
  17. Dee-Dee Sharp—Gravy (For my Mashed Potatoes)
  18. All in the Family—Thanksgiving
  19. Paul Williams—Barbecue—Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas
  20. Fats Waller—Shortnin’ Bread
  21. South Park—Timmy and Mr Gobbles
  22. Dinah Shore—Shoo Fly Pie
  23. Dean Martin–Mambo Italiano
  24. Peggy Hill—Thanksgiving
  25. Chiemi Eri with King Orchestra—Come Ona My House
  26. Dr Hook—Greasy Grit Gravy
  27. The Simpsons Eat Thanksgiving Dinner
  28. The Andrews Sisters—Shortnin Bread
  29. Old Crow Medicine Show—Chicken Pie
  30. Bob Hope—Thanksgiving Relatives
  31. Hollyridge Strings—Scarborough Fair
  32. Joy Allan Wilsher—Nut Pumpkin
  33. Adam Sandler—Thanksgiving Song

Ye Olde Downeloade

Episode 24: Your Friends Won’t Understand

November 10, 2006

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Cult Leader
Combustible Edison—Carnival of Souls
Joe Meek and the Blue Men—I Hear a New World
Deceptive 2
Christopher Scott—People Will Say We’re In Love
Stu Phillips—Come with the Gentle People—Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Jean-Jacques Perrey—Groovy Leprechaun
Unconditional Love
The Lys—The Gem Sweater
Hollyridge Strings—At The Zoo
Herschel Bernardi—Sunrise, Sunset
Time is Running Out
Alberto Bembo–Trops
Time is running out
Ted Weems—Somebody Stole My Gal
Love Bombing
Morton Gould and His Orchestra—The Sheik of Araby
Bingostarr—Our Gang
Vincent Bell—Airport Love Theme
Soul Rebellion Orchestra—Dolemite
Living Up To Potential
Children’s Choir of the Institute for Artistic Education—Lenin and the Springtime
Dolly Parton—The Bargain Store
Leonard Nimoy—Nature Boy
Be Not Unequally Yoked


Episode 23: Moving Sale

November 3, 2006

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I got my CDs back from Canada, and I’m passing the savings onto you!


  1. Jesus Camp—Guilting Children
  2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
  3. April March—Chick Habit—But I’m a Cheerleader
  4. Jesus Camp—Victoria Doesn’t Believe in Boys and Girls
  5. Mint Royale—From Rusholme with Love
  6. James Last—Happy Accordeon
  7. Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra—Jacques Cousteau
  8. Victoria Dancing for the Flesh
  9. Michel Legrand—Alcatraz
  10. Wild Man Fischer—Merry-Go-Round
  11. Bowling a Strike for the Lord
  12. Claude Denjean—Na Na Na Na Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
  13. Fantastic Plastic Machine—Electric Lady Land
  14. Jesus Camp—Little Bullshit Artist Hates the World
  15. Enoch Light—Sunshine Superman
  16. Nora Orlandi—A Doppia Faccia
  17. Jack Chick—Light of the World Clip 1
  18. Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra—House of the Rising Sun
  19. Air—Playground Love– The Virgin Suicides
  20. Light of the World—The Lake of Fire
  21. Jean-Jacques Perrey—E.V.A.
  22. Myron Floren—Disco Accordion
  23. Hedwig and the Angry Inch—Wicked Little Town—Tommy Gnosis Version
  24. Ted Jesus Christ God—Ted Phases
  25. Eddie Warner en Zang van The Nelson Boys—Telstar
  26. Rod Keith—Hippie Happy Land

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