Episode 23: Moving Sale

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I got my CDs back from Canada, and I’m passing the savings onto you!


  1. Jesus Camp—Guilting Children
  2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
  3. April March—Chick Habit—But I’m a Cheerleader
  4. Jesus Camp—Victoria Doesn’t Believe in Boys and Girls
  5. Mint Royale—From Rusholme with Love
  6. James Last—Happy Accordeon
  7. Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra—Jacques Cousteau
  8. Victoria Dancing for the Flesh
  9. Michel Legrand—Alcatraz
  10. Wild Man Fischer—Merry-Go-Round
  11. Bowling a Strike for the Lord
  12. Claude Denjean—Na Na Na Na Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
  13. Fantastic Plastic Machine—Electric Lady Land
  14. Jesus Camp—Little Bullshit Artist Hates the World
  15. Enoch Light—Sunshine Superman
  16. Nora Orlandi—A Doppia Faccia
  17. Jack Chick—Light of the World Clip 1
  18. Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra—House of the Rising Sun
  19. Air—Playground Love– The Virgin Suicides
  20. Light of the World—The Lake of Fire
  21. Jean-Jacques Perrey—E.V.A.
  22. Myron Floren—Disco Accordion
  23. Hedwig and the Angry Inch—Wicked Little Town—Tommy Gnosis Version
  24. Ted Jesus Christ God—Ted Phases
  25. Eddie Warner en Zang van The Nelson Boys—Telstar
  26. Rod Keith—Hippie Happy Land

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