Episode 33: Lovin’ Them Fundies in 2007

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Matt Robinson—Mobity Mosely’s Months—The Year of Roosevelt Franklin
Ikester7579, Evolution Fairytale—The Other 1/3
Pizzicato Five—It’s a Beautiful Day
Stu Phillips—Look On Up—Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
MessiahWWKD, Adequacy—Heated Debate
Burt Bacharach—I Say a Little Prayer
Toby Rean & The Common People—Avon Calling—Outa Space
looking4him, Rapture Ready—The Devil is the Prince of the Power of the Air
Bernard Gerard—Tempo IV
What If The World Were Full of Atheists? A Play by The Prince of Pain, from the GameTalk message board.
Chiemi Eri—Come Ona My House
BroGinder, Christian Forums—Mega Church
Ferrante & Teicher—Cielito Lindo
Christian Kids—The Computer of My Dreams
Linda, Good news prayer room—My Son is Dating!
Fantastic Plastic Machine—Electric Lady Land
George Hammond vs Interrobang Cartel—God=Guv
Brain Damage, Christian Forums—Guys, Guys, Guys!
101 Strings—Killer Joe A Go-Go
Bone_Mender, Rapture Ready–Children’s Bible Story
Barry Frank, Burt B—Mama, Don’t Cry at my Wedding
caseypayne1980, 123 Christian Forums—Egg-Like Orbit
Teenage Reperata
hayden, POD Warrior Forum—Death Penalty
Little Marcy—Mister Satan
Execute Them All!
Kai Winding—Get Lost!
Jeff Richardson/Tony Vosick –Linoleum Hooray

Download, my sisters and brothers!

Download the Atheist Play alone, just for fun.


  1. 1
    Gary Plunk Says:

    Wow, what a comeback! You really had me worried for about a week but it was worth the wait. And, yes, you really did deserve a break. So far, I’ve listened to Episode 33 4 times and I’m sure I will go that many more. Also, have been listening to your “Live 365” show. It was a GODSEND (hee hee) today when I was sitting at a computer at work all day monitoring fire alarms.

    Thanks again,

  2. 2
    Jeff Richardson Says:


    I noticed that ‘Linoleum Hooray’ was mistakenly credited to Magic Key and J.Gale Kilgore. Lyrics are actually by Jeff Richardson (moi) and music is by Tony Vosik, who is also the performer and head honcho of the Poems4songs blog, hwere he offers to put music to your lyrics for free.

    Magic Key is a songpoem label which has done two other songs of mine.

    J. Gale Kilgore does inexpensive demos .He’sdone three of my tunes.

    Take care,

    J. Richardson

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