Episode 34: Hellbound Heretics Speak Out

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Jean-Luc Godard—La Chinoise
Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
Service Station Sal—The Tubeless Tire Swing 1
Billy Joel-Bot—Catholic Guilt, Jewish Guilt
Moog Machine—Aquarius
Evangelist Wesley L Moore and the Musical Moores—Medley
Bjork Bot—I Have to do it Myself
Dick Dale—Ghost Riders in the Sky
Ira Glass—I Just Don’t Believe
Qur’an for Little Muslims—Al Fil
David Attenborough—The Facts
Michel Legrand–Alcatraz
Service Station Sal—The Tubeless Tire Swing 2
Mysteries—Jodie Foster
Enoch Light and his Orchestra—Ching Ching Chow
Ingmar Bergman—First Life, Second Life
Disney—Easy Reader—Songs from The Electric Company
Dick Cavett—Unworthy
Baja Marimba Band—Up Cherry Street
Bent Bolt and the Nuts—The Mechanical Man
Kathy Griffin—Sick of Jesus
Sound Galactic—Spinning Wheel
Rappin’ With Gas
Douglas Adams—Strong Opinions
Al Caiola–Alley Cat
The Tyrones—Pink Champagne
Margot Kidder–Tribulation
Rael—Elohim—The Raelian Movement
Sylvan—We Don’t Belong
George Carlin—I Am Not Impressed
Hazy Osterwald Jet-Set—Swinging London

Download Yourself: Praying won’t do anything! 

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