Episode 35: Jesus: The Prince of Peace?

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Mondo 35 Jesus: the Prince of Peace?


  1. Alison Randall—Jesus Was a Jackass—Dear Diary
  2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
  3. Alleee1
  4. Rosemary Clooney and Perez Prado—I Got Plenty O’Nuttin’—A Taste of Tabasco
  5. Aaron Kinney—Matthew 10:42
  6. Dave Pike—Baby—Manhattan Latin
  7. Skip Hinnant—The Clam Song—The Electric Company
  8. Aaron Kinney—Luke 19:26-27
  9. Antonio Vilas—Que Bueno Que Bueno
  10. Claude Nougaro—Le Chat
  11. Aaron Kinney—Luke 12:49-53
  12. Nino Rota—Lo Struscio Quel Motivetto Che Mi Piase Tanto
  13. 1971 Japanese Cast of Hair—Good Morning Starshine
  14. Aaron Kinney—Matthew 15:22-26
  15. Quincy Jones—Blues in the Night—Quincy Jones Plays Music for Pussycats
  16. Gene Pitney—Animal Crackers (in Cellophane Boxes)—Looking Through Gene Pitney
  17. Aaron Kinney—Luke 14: 25-27
  18. Alan Hankshaw—Beat Me ‘Til I’m Blue—Playmate Penthouse
  19. The Four King Cousins—God Only Knows
  20. Aaron Kinney—Matthew 19: 28-30
  21. Rafael Ibarbia & M Selles—Help Yourself—Top Popos
  22. Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra—Jacques Cousteau
  23. Aaron Kinney—Luke 12:47-48
  24. Nino Rota—Carlotta’s Gallop—8 ½
  25. Les Poppies—Non, Nes Cries Pas—Les Annees Barclay
  26. Aaron Kinney—Mark 14: 3-7
  27. Moog Discothecque—What’s Your Name—Popcorn
  28. Mel Torme—Comin’ Home Baby
  29. Aaron Kinney—Luke 6:27-30
  30. Marty Gold—Fool on the Hill—Beatles Play Moog

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