Episode 40: Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Big Boyfriend
Mondo Diablo 40 Boyfriends and Girlfriends
1.Boyfriend 1
2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
3. Timmy Thomas—Why Can’t We Live Together
4. Girlfriend 1
5. Los Admiradores—My Funny Valentine
6. Don Mimmo—Come on my Love
7. Boyfriend 2
8. Enoch Light—The Look of Love
9. Francoise Hardy—Je T’Aime
10. Girlfriend 2
11. Enoch Light—I Love How You Love Me
12. Rodd Rogers—Dreams of Love
13. Boyfriend 3
14. Holy Spirit School—My Love is Warmer
15. Why I Love Jenny
16. Zaras—I Got Love
17. Girlfriend 3
18. Enoch Light—What the World Needs Now is Love
19. Dudley Moore—Love Me
20. Boyfriend 4
21. Ron David—It’s a Mystery Called Love
22. Enoch Light—Something Stupid
23. Girlfriend 4
24. Mike Melvoin—Lay Lady Lay
25. NYBBL—God Only Knows
26. Boyfriend 5
27. Helmut Zacharia—Sgt Pepper/All You Need is Love
28. Chad and Jeremy—Only Those in Love
29. Boyfriend 6
30. Martin Denny—Love Me Tonight
31. The Lamplighters—I Love How You Love Me
32. Enoch Light—This Guy’s in Love with You

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