Episode 42: Women’s Work

Sexy Housefrau


  1. Kerho—Unbalance
  2. Jean-Jacques Perrey—The Savers
  3. Alleee Open
  4. By Lennon/McCartney— Le Jour La Nuit (You Won’t See Me)
  5. 2 Duck Love—Short-Haired Women
  6. LaVern Baker—Jim Dandy
  7. Stu Phillips/The Carrie Nations— In The Long Run
  8. Mrs. Debbie 1—Woman is a Special Creation
  9. Armando Trovaioli—Bada Caterina—Adulterio All’Italiano
  10. Linda Jones—Precious Love
  11. Long Way Back—Sun Worship causes breast cancer
  12. The Famous Casanovas—Girl From Ipanema
  13. Gelu—Chao Chao
  14. Brother Randy—American Distress
  15. Mrs. Miller—Up, Up and Away
  16. Alicia Granados—ABC Yeye
  17. Mrs. Debbie 2—My Husband
  18. Annie Philippe—C’est La Mode
  19. Bel Divioleta—Mucho Tiempo Mas
  20. KayLee—Don’t Wear Pants
  21. Debbie Reynolds—Buttocks
  22. Francis Lai—I Don’t Know Why
  23. Bluegrass Girl—Teenaged Wives and Mothers
  24. Kovacs Kati—Szolji Ram, Ha Hangosan Enekele
  25. Piero Umiliani—Mah Na’ Mah Na’
  26. Mrs. Debbie 3 –Women’s “Rights”
  27. Modern Bride—Promo 45
  28. RIAA—Itsy Bitsy Short Dick Man
  29. Xenon II: Most Women are Transvestites
  30. Uschi Glas—Wenn Dein Herz Brennt
  31. Sarah M–Authority

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