Episode 47: Jesus Hopping Christ Down the Bunny Trail; It’s Easter!

Screw 'em if they can't take a joke

THIS IS NOT MY CARTOON. I’d love to know the source of it, but I didn’t draw it. Remember the Mohammad cartoon debacle? You guys are bringing back memories. So many memories…

Anyway, I find the image to be extremely appropriate. I always found Catholic imagery to be frightening as a child. It was always so bloody. I always would imagine the smell of ancient blood. Blood everywhere. Scary women’s restroom blood. It disgusted me. The church I went to was awful, don’t get me wrong, but they never hit me with bloody images–just bloody songs.

But it’s not so strange, a rabbit laying a Jesus egg. It’s actually quite religiously mythological. This is precisely how religion works. The evolution of it. The rabbit, the egg, Jesus, the blood–all religious symbols. The animal fertility character giving birth to the human sacrifice. Why, what problem could you people possibly have with this? It’s all very Jesus-y. Could it be that since the blood is the rabbit’s that it makes you mad? You guys are the same types who bought Beatles records and then burned them when John Lennon observed that they were indeed bigger than Jesus in the minds of the young. Which was true.

And so is this image. Christians should be the last people complaining about a bloody image. For shame.

On with the playlist of this podcast.

Jay and Silent Bob—The Easter Bunny Did This!—Mallrats
Alleee Open
Horst Muys – Müllemer Bötche.mp3
Easter 1
Andre Williams & His Orchestra–Sweet Little Pussycat–Las Vegas Grind Part Two
Jocelyne–Elle me l’a vole
Easter 2
Billy Smith—Tom Black Stomp—Incredible Hammond Organ
Chan Pao Chu—Fascinating Hong Kong—Miraculous Thief
Easter 3
Songs to Wear Pants To—We Photocopy Our Body Parts
Eduardo Davidson—Le Chien—El Perro
Easter 4
Mike Hankinson—Eine Kleine Nachtmusik—The Unusual Classical Synthesizer
John Strand—Remembering Laci
Easter 5
Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Fóstbræður—Swing Low
Easter 6
Sally Shapiro—I Know
Glenn and Brenda Derringer—It’s the Talk of the Town—My Sister and I
Easter 7
Alison Randall—The Book of Peter—A Christian Easter
NPR—The Saint Patrick’s Parade
Easter 8
Bert Kaempfert—A Swingin’ Safari
Veggie Tales—The New and Improved Bunny Song
Easter 9
Ferrante & Teicher—Ski Fever
Easter 10
Alleee End

Crack This One Open

PS: This is an old post. No more comments will be accepted: all, good and bad, will be deleted.

If you wish to inform me about Christ, or any other mythological figure that never existed, feel free to email me. Otherwise, be informed: I am an atheist, therefore I do not consider claims for the existence of “Christ.” I am very interested in mythology, but I don’t need any more information regarding resurrections: I have a few bibles, thank you very much, and I have all the information POSSIBLE on that subject. Thank you.



  1. 1
    ChristianGirl Says:

    How dare you do that to the Son of God. He was done nothing to anyone so leave Him alone even if you don`t worship Him you still shouldn`t do that. At least respect His followers it is a sad and joyful holiday.

  2. 2
    alleee Says:

    What did I do?

  3. 3
    ChristianGirl Says:

    The picture is not funny. Easter is a serious holiday a Man who taught people to love one another was killed in the place of a murder. He was killed in a very bad death. They cut Him with a whip. Put nails in His hands and feet. His body weight has on His arms and He choked on His blood. You tell me if He really should have died like that and do you think that was right of you to put of make a picture like that of Him? Did you also know after He was dead He didn`t even look like a human? Which was stated in the Bible.

  4. 4
    alleee Says:

    I think the picture is funny. You may not know this, but easter bunnies and eggs came well before the idea of Jesus Christ. The word “Easter” does not have “Christ” or Jesus” in it, does it? That’s because the word ‘Easter” comes from the Spring Fertility goddess “Eostre.” That’s where we get the word “Estrogen.” Once, in the story, Eostre saved a hen from being eaten by turning it into a rabbit, which continued to lay colorful eggs.

    Now, I think it is good to mock the story of Christ, because I am against the real story of his teachings. You are told he taught nothing but loving people, which is not true. I am not against you, or your nice belief. But the character, in a book of fiction, taught that if people did not love him as their king, they would burn forever in torment and agony, in a fate much worse than someone who endured pain for 3 days. There are people who today suffer for many days, even months, in agony. Yet we are told that no one could suffer as badly, and this suffering should be admired. I think this is wrong. I also think that one of the worst things one can do for oneself and for others os to be king. That is almost as immoral as thinking it is justice for anyone, no matter who they are, to suffer for all eternity.

    This is why I dare to show an artist’s picture mocking Jesus, or Mohammed, or anyone who is worshipped.

  5. 5
    ChristianGirl Says:

    You didn`t know but we would all go to Hell if He didn`t die on the cross. He gave us the chance to decide Heaven or Hell He gave people an opition to choose. What chose you make is your personal thing and I don`t care at all. But that is wrong of you to make fun of someone`s beliefs, I wouldn`t have put a comment down if the picture wasn`t there. I was looking for a picture of Jesus for a holiday slide show and I found the picture. It ticked me off and I hate people like you who mock us so I fight back. The sad thing is we don`t bother to talk back but I will till the end of my days I will stand for the Word and so will some of my Christian brothers and sisters. So watch a generation of Christian will beginning standing up with no violence. If you want to talk just email me. Warning: This is a teen.

  6. 6
    alleee Says:

    Christian Girl Postulated:
    “You didn`t know but we would all go to Hell if He didn`t die on the cross.”

    Oh, for Christ sakes, kiddo. Do you think your religion is so occult (that means “secret”) that an American lady like me doesn’t know Christian doctrine? I was a christian for many decades, and I probably lived the christian life far more than you. So save the script for someone else.

    Christian Girl parrotted:

    “He gave us the chance to decide Heaven or Hell He gave people an opition to choose.”

    And who made this eternal torture chamber? Let’s just say a King, or a president says: “I made this eternal torture chamber. But I’m such a great king, I’ll let you choose. Either LOVE ME for what I did (create this torture chamber) or be tortured forever. It’s your choice. Aren’t I a great guy for letting you ‘choose?’

    And you, Christian Girl, voted for this guy.

    Christian Girl mistakenly stated:

    “But that is wrong of you to make fun of someone`s beliefs,”

    No. No it is not wrong to make fun of someone’s beliefs. Who told you that?

    Did you know that many people believe that black people are dirty and bad? So, you’ve just told me that it’s wrong to make fun of that belief. There are about 100,000 people in the world who believe that Scientology is true, and that L Ron Hubbard is divine. They believe that alien spirits inhabit people’s bodies, and that L Ron Hubbard was right when he said that black people have no souls.

    But you just told me that it is wrong to make fun of that. Someone told you that–maybe they told you that in school; I don’t know. But your information was incorrect. If we didn’t make fun of people’s beliefs, Christians would still be torturing Jews, and doctors would still be cutting people’s wrists to get the “bad blood” out. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND ETHICAL to make fun of people’s beliefs.

    You said to me:

    “I hate people like you who mock us so I fight back. ”

    Check Christian doctrine on how you are supposed to feel about your enemies. You might be surprised!

    You threatened:

    “So watch a generation of Christian will beginning standing up with no violence. If you want to talk just email me. Warning: This is a teen.”

    Nice. But I am only encouraged that you are very young. I am also completely not surprised, since you appear to be unexperienced.

    I will continue to do, teenage girl, what I think is right. Because I think about the things I do. I don’t just accept the things I am told to be true. I once believed the bible. But you know what I did, teenaged girl? I READ it. I found most of it to be completely different than what I was told. People have been lying to you, or they have been saying what they believe to be in the bible–but they have been saying very wrong things to you.

    If you are a smart person, and think very hard about what is right and wrong, and if you have a strong enough moral center, and you want hard enough to do the right thing, Christian Girl, one day you might just start researching the things you are promoting today. And you will be very, very surprised. It won’t be easy. But the things that are hardest in life, Christian Teen Girl, are often the most worth while. You will learn that there is more to life than a group of other people who want you to think like they do. You will learn that what is right is more important than being an “army.”

    Think about it.

  7. […] was complaining about the Jesus image I posted on last years’ Easter podcast. Here it […]

  8. 8
    brother Says:

    jesus is watching everthing u will c one day
    hey alleee dont worry what ever u do Jesus will still love u…

    god bless u

  9. 9
    alleee Says:

    I think it’s wrong for someone to be “watching me” all the time. I don’t want a creepy stalker with absolute power!

    You guys really are silly, you know that?

  10. 10
    justin,HATEYOURGOD Says:

    haha what the HELL is wrong with christian girl?? lmfaoo she obviously doesnt know that not EVERYBODY believes in christianity or that stuff… like hell, every religion has their own bit of truth, but i dont think some dude can come back from the dead… mabey if they believed that he was still with them in spirit… but he cant physically come back to life. and furthermore… if he did… everyone would try to kill him for being a zombie.. like, look what they did to frankenstien?? same thing, the killed him cause he came back to life

    so your beliefs arent the ONLY belief you dumb twat. get that dumb crap out of your brain and learn about buddhism or something, holy crap woman.

  11. 11
    alleee Says:

    Yes, Frankenstein is a good analogy for Jesus, actually.

    The monster was just a guy who was supposedly a murderer (like the God of the old testament). Then he was brought back to life by MAN (just like Jesus). If it were true, the monster is really the church that man created and couldn’t control.

    Nice story. But I don’t have any reason whatsoever to believe that Jesus ever existed, since there is no evidence that he did. What “evidence” people point to is not actually evidence, but the same kind of anecdotes that would “prove” that Dr. Frankenstein and his monster actually existed.

    But they didn’t.

    As far as beliefs, they are just that. Beliefs. That does not make them special things that should be revered or respected. Just because some people revere them does not make them grand. Many people believe that blacks are inferior, or that Jews are out to take over the world. Should we revere that too?

  12. 12
    :] Says:

    ha ha. that is so funny
    I love reading when christians and athiests fight
    ((if I am wrong in the asumption that you are athiest, alleee, then I apologise))
    because almost always all the christian has to say is about love. and how dare you. with no valid arguements. and almost always… that christian has never read the bible- they just get it shoved down their throat at church. (and if they have read it, and they still believe everything then they are too far gone for anything to matter. lol)
    the athiest always has such good points. the christian always seems so confused.
    you would have to be ignorant to everything anyone (but your pastor)says to keep a christian stand point.

    religion is just a feel good that people made up to help them deal with things.
    where do I go after I die? oh! I’m going to this really nice place with gold and mansions.
    I feel like noone understands me… oh! god is always lisening to me!
    have fun with that one!

  13. 13
    alleee Says:

    Yes, religion IS just a “feel-good.” Which is interesting, because it goes against most of its dogma. It’s nothing if not all about earthly pleasures; i.e. “feeling good.”

    I think there are better ways to make people feel good, but it’s not really the point, is it? Just feeling good is not important. It’s more important to make things better that a hurting people; things like curing disease and research into psychological problems, not masking the pain so that it goes away.

    No, I’m not an “athiest.” I’m an “atheist.” LOL, I just HAD to say that!

  14. 14
    Dino Says:

    I agree with Alleee and I’m a Christian! It’s very simple actually: religion, as everything else, evolved! The first religions worship things like fire(cuz it provided heat and scared wild animals away, cooking etc), the sun(something big in the sky has got to be HIM) or fertility (guess why). Then things evolved and they turned polytheist in that they worshiped more then just one god(they worshiped things they were scared of, things that brought joy to them, or things that they didn’t understand). At some point they agreed that there should be someone above all the other smaller gods, a big boss, like Zeus etc. And finally they decided to have a single guy. So why is Jesus a symbol of love and understanding and all that crap, and why did they invented heaven and hell? Well that’s very easy(in my opinion) because it was a time of continuous war, from like 2 hundred years the roman empire became larger and larger (we all know how) and of course there was a lot of killing involved, a lot of slaves, a lot of depravity and destruction just for some men to feel more powerful! So some people took an old concept(the old testament) add a few things they thought it was right(for them), put some fear in people with the hell stuff(so they won’t do “bad” things) and voila! Anyway by the 1300 they already forgot all that love and peace and it was OK to slaughter humans again and here we are in 2008 after 2 world wars, 2 atomic bombs and a shit load of other crap! Anyway I am sort of a Christian, I believe in GOD because there has to be a source for everything and no matter how many questions human science answers there are ten that replace each one of the answered! But I don’t buy the rest! I look at the bible as a book that contains knowledge from people that were smarter and more experienced then me and I try to understand the “essence” instead of believing the fairytale!

  15. 15
    Dino Says:

    Oh and the picture is kinda funny!

  16. 16
    belle Says:

    hay, i understand where you are coming from Aleee, i think alot of christians get all muddled and confused, because we feel like we have to defend our faith. which is kind of sad when you think about it. i mean gods word doesnt need our defending, it can stand on its own because it is truth, but we still get defensive. im just gald, that our stuff ups, and lack of understanding and knowlege doesnt disprove god, or prove that he is any less powerful or devine. it just proves that we are human and we get confused.
    you mentioned that the christian church persecuted the jews, i would like to add that not only that but they also lorded their power over the poor and killed many people, they abused there pwer and authority for self gain and selfish ambition. but that doesnt make god any less loveing, or anyless devine. just like the actions of a child are not the actions of the parent, christians wrongs are not gods. i think that the stuff ups we make jst go to prove gods love that he is willing to forgive us and love us anyway. in the bible it says “through my weaknesses he (god)is strong. its a shame that he will be juded by those on earth by the example of his followers but that doesnt mean there is no god, or that the god they follow is currupt, it just means we all are sinners.
    as for christians not reading the bible, or knowing what they are preaching, i think the sad truth is that you are probably right. alot of ‘christians’ probably dont and i think that is a real shame. i for one can not stop reading mine!!
    i also agree with you about religion. religion is jsut a thing man invented to make him feel better. religion says follow my rules, do what i say and you will find meaning in life. live as i say and you will be saved. which is why christianity is not a religion. religion says live this way and you will be saved, christianity says jesus lived this way so you will be saved. i dont belive in jesus because it makes me feel good. if i did that i would be soarly dissapointed becase christianity means admitting you cant do it yourself, it means humbling your self and submiting to god, it means living a life that is hard and having other pple h8 u and scorn you, i dont do it because it makes me feel good i do it because its truth. i do it because if i had to choose between a compassionate gods infinate grace and love and a life of trying to do teh right thing in order to trya nd make a difference, i would choose god. because i no that i wont always do teh right thing. jsut as past christians and all pple i sill stuff up, and when that happens i need forgiveness and the promise that im still loved.
    christianity is about assurance its about knowing you can be saved, and that there is a god who loves you, so we should love others.its not about a kign saying do as i say, love me or go to hell. its about god saying without me, there is hell, come to me and i will save you from it. see there is no such thing as darkness. science has proved that darkness is not a form, it does not exist as matter or particles it is only the absence of light. so it is with god, hell, sin, evil is not teh presence of an evil force or a jugment from god, it is the absence of him.
    im not going to try and disprove everything you said, and try to prove jesus’ existence coz i know id b wasting my breathe. history proves the existence of jesus, his life and death, more so than any other historical figure even more then emperor Nero. but even though there is extensive historical proof and evidence to proove he existed, if you choose not to believe no amount of proof will change your mind.
    you say that being a christian is about being ignorant, but thats not the case at all. to be a christian is to open you eyes and admit, you are wrong. it is to admit that hay, i need help.
    sorry if i have irratated or offended you, not my aim. i jst know about hte most exciting and amazing thing in the world and needed to share it. im not ignorant or stupid, im saved by the grace of god.
    had to share it!!!

  17. 17
    alleee Says:

    Christianity is a religion. You cannot have a relationship with someone who does not exist. You have never seen nor spoken to this character, any more than you have Santa Claus. There is no evidence of the existence of Jesus, or Moses, or David, or Solomon. There is evidence that Jesus shares similarities to other deities that are striking, and too close to be coincidence. Of course, you would have to know what “evidence” is.

    Being Christian is not about the bible, or about Jesus. It is about being part of a group that makes you feel good. Christianity is about feeling good. Just like hedonism.

  18. 18
    belle Says:

    the new testiment is classified by most historians both christian and not as historical accounts and are treated as such, other documents including the writings of jewish phylosophers such as Josephus and Tacitus refer to jesus of nazarath who was a healer, teacher and worshiped as devine.
    no ur right that you can not have a realtionship with someone who does not exist, but i have one with god. i have spoken to him, i speak to him everyday and he speaks back, both through his written word and through his actions. i cant see his physical form but i can see the work of his hands. the bible syas that even creation speaks of gods existence. i see him through my life and the life of others.
    to say christianity is not about the bible or jesus is like sayin that football is not about playing football it doesnt make sense. christianity is not only about jesus it is jesus. without him there is no christianity there is no salvation. if i wanted a ‘feel good’ religion your right i would, i would accept hedonistic thought, or look into universalism or somthing.
    christianity is not about feeling good or pleasure. in teh book of eccleciasties in tbe bible, solomon talks about pleasure, and earthly gain and achievements. he says that he tried them all he tried folly, he tried wisdom, he tried pleasure, poverty, glutonny, he tried it all and in the end he said; “meaningless” “it is all meanlingless like a chasing after the wind.” at the end of his search for meaning this is his conclusion; ” Now all has been heard;
    here is the conclusion of the matter:
    Fear God and keep his commandments,
    for this is the whole duty of man.” ecclesiastes 12
    in the end it is not about feeling good it is the glory of god that matters.

  19. 19
    I believe Says:

    Before we *chose* to come here (to earth that is), we chose to follow Christ. It was decided before we came, who would be the Saviour of the WORLD and what an undertaking that is. Jesus Christ chose to come to Earth to be our Saviour, to teach us, to set a *perfect* example for us to follow. He knew he would be scoffed, scourned, hurt both physically and emotionally but he also knew it was necessary for us to be able to return to a kind and loving Father in Heaven. In the pre-mortal council, we chose to follow Christ’s path. We chose to come to Earth and be *tested* and we chose to allow our Saviour to come to Earth knowing his end would be cruel but necessary. He loves us SO much that he chose to die for us. He stood before people yet some did not believe what they saw. He was witnessed performing miracles yet some chose not to believe. How sad. I choose to believe that he was a GOOD man and that he loved/s his fellow brothers and sisters enough to forsake his own life for every single person who would ever live on this planet. Not only that, but he walked his path with dignity and his head held high and mighty (not snooty). He allowed, knowing he had the power to over throw, the pain and anguish that was cast his way up until his dying breath. I think that his most intense sacrifice besides ultimately dying, is his prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. Did you know that he bled from every single pore so that we “may” be forgiven? Did you know that he even asked if this bitter cup could be taken from him but not his will, but the Father’s be done? He suffered excrutiating pain and agony as he knelt and repented on behalf of every SINGLE human being who ever lived and who would ever live on this planet and he did it out of LOVE. We now, because of Him ONLY, have the opportunity to be forgiven if we ask it. He took upon himself all the sins of the world. I urge you to stop and think about that for a moment. You may think the above picture is funny but it is heart breaking to see the man who did so much for you and I, demoralized in such a crude way. I do not wish to start an argument. I just wish to state my thoughts on this matter. I am sorry that you have been hurt in some way to make it ok for this to become a funny joke but you have to remember that his gospel is true. The people are not perfect but his teachings ARE. It is difficult for people here on Earth to see the bigger picture because we are enduring a *test* which does not allow us to see all the answers to. We are given the tools needed to pass this test but it is up to us, how and if we choose to study and use those tools. We don’t get to see the answers when we are writing a test in school. We are given many notes and readings and things to help us along the way. One of the most fundamental aspects to this mortal life is *free agency* we have a *choice*
    The horrible things happening around the world are absolutely heart breaking but God did not make them happen nor can he make them stop. If he made them stop he would be taking away our free agency and therefore voiding this test and all that has been done on our behalf would become null and void. Think of how it must make Him feel to watch and see his children treated in such an abominable way. He must ache like we can not understand yet he has the strength to allow it to carry on knowing that he MUST or all will be forsaken. He wants us to *choose* to go back to him as we chose to before we came here. We all have the direction and knowledge no matter how little it may seem, of our God. Some choose not to believe, some choose to believe, some are confused and hurt and don’t understand. We can “what if” all the way to the grave but when it comes down to it, why not ask He who created us? Why not challenge Him to help show you the path home? If you *truly* WANT to know, he will help you.
    I love my Saviour and I am proud to call myself a Christian (a person who follows Christ) and I will stand behind Him for all Eternity. I appreciate all that He went through that prescious Easter weekend so many years ago and have not looked at the above picture after my first glimpse, nor will I ever again. I wish you great peace and hope.

  20. 20
    Hellbound Alleee Says:

    It’s amazing how people who believe in weird blood sacrifice suicide cults think everyone should be really impressed that they believe in something like that. In fact, that I would want to know about it.

    Or that I haven’t lived my life having their retarded suicide blood-sacrifice cult shoved down my throat every day.

  21. 21
    CosmicDragon Says:

    XD Before I say anything important… Man, that picture is gross!

    God is a fallback for human life. When the first person actually thought about death, they were scared. What happens afterwards? Because it is impossible to actually think about death. Go on, try it. Try thinking of nothing. Absolutely nothing. About not existing, not having thought, or feeling. It scared the shit out of primitive man. And so they thought, well, what if it’s just like going to sleep, and you leave your body behind and go somewhere else? Now, that doesn’t sound so bad. Much better than not existing at all. So they came up with the afterlife. I wont say ‘Heaven’, because in many religions thats not what it is. (Eg. Valhalla)

    Now, say, primitive man comes upon fire. Maybe from a lightning strike or something. They cant see where the fire comes from, or what started it. They only know it burns, and turns the wood and everything else black. They cant explain it, so they think ‘If I didn’t do this, who did?’ And they know that they could never do this without lots of power. And so came gods. ‘Things’ with more power than humans. Able to create the things we couldn’t understand.

    Now, flash forward several thousand years. When you ask us where fire comes from, we know. When you ask us why it rains, we know. When you hear the roll of thunder, we know it is not the anger of a ‘god’. We learned. We evolved. And yet so many people still cling to the idea of a ‘god’. Why? Because man still cannot explain that one last question in a way that doesn’t terrify the shit out of people.

    The only reason gods still exist, is because people are too terrified by the idea of death. When a relative dies, no-one wants to think, ‘Well, now they dont exist, and I’m never going to see them aain.’
    Instead, they want to be able to think, ‘If I’m good, when I die I’ll go on and meet them in the afterlife.’

    The absolute thickheadedness of humanity mystifies me sometimes.

  22. 22
    beeky319 Says:

    Dare you do that to the son of God. BURN IN HELL you… you!!!

  23. 23
    beeky319 Says:

    Depraved Cretin Says:

    “allee you are definitely going to hell – im sorry but you just are – burning forever… thats all i gotta say to ya so take it”

  24. 24
    Crispy Critter Says:

    I almost peed myself when I saw your cartoon. Speaking as a person that was a Christian for over 20 years, I welcome anything that will shock someone enough into examining their beliefs.

    Maybe a crack will appear in the “indoctrination blinders” big enough for at least one person to look up strange words and ideas like “eostre” and fertility symbols, the myraid of ” resurrections” that conveniently occur at the winter equinox (the suns ” rebirth” )etc.
    Then maybe they will see the totally appropriateness of the symbols and ideas in the cartoon above.

    I too lost belief after reading the Bible without assuming the extraneous ” this is what God REALLY meant to say here” and “This verse may seem to completely contradict this other one… but it..umm… dont” .

    Its really bizarre to see all these kids in here “defending God”. Obviously they have never read the Old Testament where they can read how God ordered or caused over 245,000 – 2,000,000 people to die. The complete anhiliation of the Amalakites (man, woman, child, unborn babies) comes to mind. No, if their God exists, he can take care of himself.

  25. 25
    Saddend by the Hate Says:

    I believe that it is more important to be a good person then it is to punish yourself for not being one.

    I do however have a problem believing that people can fully accept the bible as a work of fact when it was written lifetimes after the events took place…

    can you remember playing the telephone game in school?
    pretty much you would start at one side of the class and whisper the message down the line and see what it is when it gets there… more often then not it had nothing to do with the original message. so how do you think these stories survived the centuries before the written word with no such misunderstandings?

    So, lets assume that the stories told were 100% accurate every time and no one misunderstood any of it, that could be the first post christ miracle, they were still at very least edited by man who as we can all admit are anything but perfect.

    Ok, lets say that their was no bias put into the bible lets put our faith into the organized church, this is different then church in general as stated in the bible as nessisary meaning one or more people gathering in [his] name. Even the most devout christian has to see that the church has made some mistakes, at bare minimum lets say the inquisition and the crusades, can you still look back and say “they” couldn’t have messed something up?

    This may be a little startling for some of you also, but i have wasted this much time already, what’s another few minutes… The Church forgives sins through indulgences, these are given out with the completion of acts of penance required of you. well there came a point when the church decided that you could also show penance through donation to the church allowing people to literally buy their way into heaven. these abuses became as bad as to convince people you could buy love ones out of hell.

    If by choosing to be a good person on ones own rather then to avoid eternal damnation makes me a bad person and a sinner then i guess i will find out when it’s my time.

  26. 26
    E Says:

    Allee, HOW DARE YOU? You are going to hell!!!
    Just kidding. Lighten up people.
    I think some people might want to stop believing in everything that the Bible says as absolute truths about world views and God’s existence. The Bible holds some truths about morality, but it is nevertheless outdated in other aspects. I don’t really feel like writing more about this because there is almost no way to change some people’s one tract mind.
    Anyway, there is nothing wrong with the picture. It’s always good to mock certain ideas and beliefs, regardless of what they are, so one does not become so uptight and easily offended.
    I have to admit though that the picture is gross.

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