Episode 49: Fundies are Funny


Mondo 49: Fundies are Funny!

supersillystring_lol_123, help.com – No One’s a Good Person
Roger Roger—Charlie 1925
Alleee 1
Goldwin Express—1-800-JESUS
Glorybound, CARM –Viper in the Lawn
Mike Melvoin—One—The Plastic Cow goes MOOOOG
Wally George—America, Why I Love Her
Brian Purkiss, Blog –Circular Reasoning, TM
Don Powell/Ennio Morricone—Cannibal I Cannibali
Marjoe Gortner Age 8—God’s Blockade
Corey M. Davis, The Thinker’s Podium – Stuck on Ape
Idalgo Ferri—Alla Turca
Peter Gault and Amy Rachelle—Cosmic Vagina
Patsy, MySpace –Orb of Filth
Little Markie—john 3;16
Solak—Einstein Darwin Memories of the Dark ages
Marksman, T4C –Children of Israel
DJ Clive$ter—Bouge De La Polka
Max and Ada Rogoff—Travelling Thru New jersey
Carl, Usenet : misc.health.aids –Homosexual Activity
Thomas Stephen Smith—Fresh Start
Saul T Peter—She Sits Among the Cabbages and Peas
Don H, Yahoo Answers Religion & Spirituality –What Part Of
James Last—Popcorn
Malajube – Pâte Filo
Red Savior, Myspace—Face It
Mr. T—Be Somebody
RICH Bob Jackson—Small Assassin
tammy, Rapture Alert –Satan Shall Defeat
Gunshaver—Too Many Knives—Homestar Runner
Alleee 2

Download, if you BELIEVE

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