Episode 52: Pastor Deacon Fred

Mondo 52

Pastor Deacon Fred’s 60-Second Sermons

Pastor Deacon Fred–Sissy Christians
Chuck Aherns–Wallace Cannonball
Pastor Deacon Fred–Breastfeeding
The Moog Machine–You Keep Me Hangin’ On
Da Mokettes and the Incredible Q Band–Palolo Valley Girls
Pastor Deacon Fred–Does Jesus Watch Me Go Poopy?
Floyd Cramer–Making Our Dreams Come True (Laverne and Shirley Theme)
Six Flags Over Texas–Six Flags Song
Deacon Speaks in Tongues
Synthesizers Unlimited–Pip Pip–Electric Bazaar
Zeb Scott–You’ve Got the Style, Girl–Big Dipper
An Easter Message–Pastor Deacon Fred
Swing Family–Musical Stars
Flavia and the Motonets–Pecesito
Pastor Deacon Fred–Fearsong
Harold Smart–Wedding of the Painted Doll
Dondero High School–Livin’ Thing
Pastor Deacon Fred–Announcement for “Welcome to Jesusland”
Colgems–Solaris from “Murderer’s Row”
Preacher–Jesus is Knocking at Your Door
Pastor Deacon Fred–Languages

Download Here All You Sinners

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    Bruce Says:

    I’d better bone up on what Fred’s got to save me from! Eeeeeee!

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