Mondo Episode 54: Christian Persecution (for Fun and Profit)

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Christian Persecution

Mondo 54

Ron Ormon–Christian Persecution
Alleee1 Blog Carnival link
Jean-Jacques Perrey–The Savers
Avon: Campaign 13–Welcome to the Club
Adam Carolla–Coulter 7/06/06
Allied Radio–Good Day for the Media
Kay Martin–The Book Mama Gave Me About Sex
Ron Orman–Only Fidel can Provide Candy
American Standard– It’s Revolution
Ferrante & Teicher–Oliver
Avon: Campaign 13–Sweet Honesty
Pedigree Dolls–Sindy Meets the Dollybeats
Bellport Highschool Jazz Rock Ensemble–White Room/Sunshine of Your Love
Pastor Deacon Fred–Pokemon
Floyd Cramer–Foolin’ Around
Bingostarr–Freakin’ in St. Tropez–Back Door Beauty
Avon: Campaign 13–Natural Sheen for Women
Bonnie & the Treasures–Home of the Brave
Bulldozer–J’Suis Punk
Billy Bob Neck–Just For Today
The Roland Shaw Orchestra–Dr. No’s Fantasy
Cal Smith–The Lord Knows I’m Drinkin’
Ron Ormond–Step on Jesus
Dick Whittinghill–Apology at Bedtime
Alleee 2

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