Episode 55: Fred Phelps is Totally Heterosexual

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Westboro Baptist Church—God Hates America
1 Fred Phelps—Mmmm, gay sex
Johnny Arthey Orchestra—Wishin’ and Hopin’
The Who Boys Choral Society—Stayin’ Alive
2 Fred Phelps–America is Doomed
The Who Boys—San Fran Chopin
Westboro Baptist—Pledge
3 Fred Phelps—The President Gets off HOW?
Lyn Larsen—Rubber Ducky
Don Reed and his Orchestra, featuring the Voice of Love—Nature Boy
4 Fred Phelps—The Red on the Flag
Brita Koivunen—Kaaskaparti
The Ladybugs—If I Knew
5 Fred Phelps—Church of the Holy Pedophiles
Arthur Fiedler—Night on Disco Mountain
O. C. Smith—Witchita Lineman
6 Fred Phelps—Sodomite Whorehouse
Westboro Baptist Church—US Smarmy
John Rowles—One Day
7 Fred Phelps—Anal Rape at the Supreme Court
Liberace—The Impossible Dream
Tommy Vig Orchestra—Serious Fun
8 Fred Phelps—The Rod of God
The Shangri-Las—Footsteps on the Roof
Mr T—Treat Your Mother Right
Twiggy—I Need Your Hand in Mine
9 Fred Phelps—The Catholic Pedophiles
Asha Bosle & Mohammad Rafi–Yeh Ladka Hai Allah
Westboro Baptist Church—Wicked Land of Sodomites
10 Fred Phelps—9/11 Victims in Hell
Dean Milan—Cherry Bomb

God Hates Downloaders 



  1. I don’t like random strings of numbers. BALEETED!!!

  2. 2
    Elise Says:

    If you are trying to equate the Phelps Clan with the Catholic church, it just doesn’t work. They hate Catholics. Remember when they picketed the funeral of the little girl in the AZ shooting?? They hate everyone that is not in their little cult. They picket schools, and even the holocaust museum. They are a sick group of people. They are not a church, and they are not Baptist. -The American Baptist church has rejected them.

    I would love to picket their funeral if they ever come to my area.

  3. 3
    alleee Says:

    Well now–how do you know I am “trying to equate the Phelps Clan with the Catholic Church?”

    The link is long dead, so you couldn’t have listened to this. Therefore, you have no idea what I said.

    But if you put the Phelpses against the Catholic Church in an abuse of Children contest, I know who would win.

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