Episode 70: Fundamentals of Fundamentalism: FSTDT’s Top Posts

I in teh prizin teechin the siens 2 teh crimnalz.

Trinidad and Tobago, CARM  * No Gravity
Alleee 1
Michel Legrand * Theme from Thomas Crown Affair (Windmills of your Mind)
 Trinidad and Tobago, CARM  *  Born Christian
Bob Thompson * Texaco Commercial
Death by Chocolate * Bubbles
 awesomestnerd, SmashBoards  *  No Outside Source
Link Wray * Fatback
Mel Torme * Pepsi is for Swingers
AV1611VET, Christian Forums * KJV 1611
Moog Cookbook * Ziggy Stardust
Eilert Pilarm * Hound Dog
LittleLambofJesus, Christian Forums * Functioning Brain
Perez Prado * Tico Tico
Kinky Friedman * They Ain’t Makin’ Jews like Jesus Anymore
Dr. Jack Hyles, Jesus Is Lord * Child Abuse for the Lord
Perrey & Kinsley * Electronic Can-Can
Kokessies * Take a Walk on the Earth
DesertFox, Free Conservatives * Rommel is a Redneck
Staccatos * Topaz
Les Paul & Mary Ford * The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
Daniel Joseph Min, alt.atheism * Good Dead Atheist
Tito Puente * Mambo Caliente
The Musical Harts * Let’s Go Forward
 Gods soldier, Myspace * LOL
Tom Adams * Popcorn
PP Arnold * Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
 JohnR7, Christian Forums * Ignorance is Evidence
Isao Tomita * Tarantella * Cosmos Soundtrack
Richard Brautigan * Here are the Sounds of my Life in San Francisco
 K’, Myspace * Thar Ye Go!
Walter Carlos * Two-Part Invention in D
Sons of the Pioneers * Old Man Atom
Warren Baker Orchestra * 77 Sunset Strip Cha-Cha
Wesley Willis Fiasco * Jesus is the Answer
Alleee 2

Teh Vestijal organz iz form SATIN!


  1. Les Paul and Mary Ford is great. Discovered them from the recent Les Paul documentary.. extremely cool.

  2. 2
    Darryl Says:

    Not only do I not mind alleee reading the “darndest things” rather than letting the computer voice do the job, but I much prefer it this way. I find the computer voices pretty difficult to comprehend, especially when listening to Mondo Diablo in my car. (This is where about 85 percent of my MD listening occurs.) Also, naturally, the synthesized narrator just can’t get that wonderful sarcastic edge in there. (Listen, for example, to the “no outside source” entry abve, in which alleee manages to refute the original poster through subtle emphasis, all the while simply reading the passage verbatim.)

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