Episode 88: A Flesh-Pleasin’ Puritan Thanksgiving

Wipe that smile off your face.

This podcast dedicated to the memory of Richard Baxter, Puritan.

“More information is available at The Richard Baxter Society.

“So it is an evident truth, that most of the mischiefs that now infest or seize upon mankind throughout the earth, consists in, or are caused by the disorders and ill-governedness of families.”


Flesh 1
Alleee 1
The Andrews Sisters and Danny Kaye * Over the River and Through the Woods
Flesh 2
The Chicken Dance
Jackson 5 * Candy Girl
Flesh 3
Johnny Halliday * C’est Le Mashed Potatoes

MC Pee Pants * I Want Candy
Flesh 4
Baltimore Club Music * Pork Chops and Onion Gravy
Jerry Clowers * The Last Piece of Chicken
Flesh 5
Emission Jeneusse * Au Pays de Candy
Frankie Avalon * Gingerbread
Flesh 6
Al Bowly and his Orchestra * Ev’ry Day’s a Holiday
Johnny Cash * Look at Them Beans
Flesh 7
Harry McClinntock * Big Rock Candy Mountain
DeeDee Sharp * Mashed Potato
Flesh 8
The Temptations * Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
Omnikrom  Feat. TTC * Danse La Poutine
Flesh 9
Chef * Love Gravy
The Junkyard Band * Sardines and Pork ‘n’ Beans
Flesh 10
Jerry Clowers * My Mama Made Biscuits
Barnes & Barnes * Fish Heads
Jim Gaffigan * Gravy and Cheese
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving * Theme Song
Rasputina * Gingerbread Coffin
Vincent Price * Roast Pork
Alleee 2

Downeloade, all ye sinners

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