Episode 98: Happy New Year, Baby!



1 Ann Margaret * New Year’s Greeting
Alleee 1
Mickey Rooney * Mickey’s New Year
2 Henry Fonda * Christmas Seals PSA
Mirror Image * Auld Lang Syne
Dick Kent with the Lancelots * A New Year’s Dawning
3 Henry Mancini * New Year’s Greeting
K-Tel Records * Give me a Beer, Give me a Cheer * Christmas Disco Party
Mel Torme * What are you Doing New Year’s Eve?
4 Weird Al Yankovic * New Year’s Greeting
Lou Donaldson * What are You Doing New Year’s Eve?
Charles Linton * When the Year is Over
5 Sam Cooke * New Year’s Greeting
The Duke Ellington Orchestra * Auld Lang Syne
Cara Stewart with Lee Hudson Orchestra * The New Year Song
6 Quiet Riot * Greeting
Jerry Lewis * I’ve had a Very Merry Christmas
The Coolbreezers * Hello Mr. New Year
7 Neil Sedaka * Greeting
The Glad Singers * Happy New Year
Charles Brown * Bringing in a Brand New Year
8 US Air Force * New Year’s Wishes
Disco Belles * Auld Lang Syne
Charley Weaver * Happy New Year, Happy New Year
9 Debbie Reynolds * Christmas Seals PSA
Tony De La Rosa * Auld Lang Syne
Jo Anne Campbell * Happy New Year, Baby
10 Leonard Nimoy * Christmas Seals
Beatris Llamas * Un Ano Mas de Carino

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, DOWNLOAD!!!

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