Episode 100! I Gots a New Computah!


Computer Stupidities
Computer Stupid 1
Alleee 1
Hank Ray * River of No Return
Computer Stupid 2
Al Stephano and his Trio * Mambo Number Five
Tom and Alene Ogdon * Sheltered
Computer Stupid 3
Greg Edmonson * Big Bar Fight * Firefly
Margaret Berger * Seek I’ll Hide * Pretty Scary Silver Fairy
Computer Stupid 4
Bernie Green * Mister Peepers Theme * Plays More than You can Stand in Hi-Fi
Unknown Artist * We are the Champions of God * Unbelievable Believers: Incredible Christian Song Demos
Computer Stupid 5
101 Strings * La Paloma
The Charles Napiers * The Ballad of Rockridge * The Hour of the Gun
Computer Stupid 6
Skip Martin’s Video All-Stars * Richard Diamond Theme
Enoch Light * Eleanor Rigby * Spaced Out
Computer Stupid 7
Enoch Light * What the World Needs Now * Spaced Out
Andare Kandore * Kandore Mandore
Computer Stupid 8
Les Baxter * Hot Summer Night * Love is a Wonderful Thing
Better Beatles * Eleanor Rigby * Mersey Beat
Computer Stupid 9:
Monte Maxwell * Amazing Grace
Kyle Jarrow * The Way that it Began * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
Computer Stupid 10
Nils Tibor * Michaela-Hello-A-Popcorn
The Macs * I’m 37 * Winners and Losers
Computer Stupid 11
The Keyboards * oo Waka Doo Waka Day
Alleee 2

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