Episode 106: White Babies


Babies Buying Babies 

White Babies 1
Cher * Mama When My Dollies Have Babies
White Babies 2
Syd Dale * Let’s March
Gloria Wood * Hey! Bellboy!
White Babies 3
Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw * Move Move Move
Julie London * Hot Toddy
White Babies 4
Johnny Pearson * Hair Razor
Les Baxter * Milord
White Babies 5
Keith Mansfield * Pop Package
The Sugarplastic * Don’t Look Down
White Babies 6
Kenny Wheeler * Early Bird
April Stevens * Teach me Tiger
White Babies 7
Alan Hawkshaw and Keith Mansfield * Piccadilly Night Ride
Nelson Riddle * Lolita Ya-Ya
White Babies 8
Neil Richardson * The Bowler Hat Brigade
Red Sovine * Six Broken Hearts
White Babies 9
Keith Mansfield * The Weasel Goel Pop
Yoko Ono & Cat Power * Yes, I’m a Witch
White Babies 10
Alleee 2

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