Episode 109: Cartoons are Satanic? Part 2


CAE 11
Alleee 1
Malajube * La Monogamie
CAE 12
Bernard Lubat * Folly Vibes
Patti Jerome * Hurt O’Clock
CAE 13
The Mexicali Brass * Mexico a Go-Go
Raquel Welch * I’m Ready to Groove
CAE 14
KPM Library * Forewarning
James and Bobby Purify * 16 Tons
CAE 15
Peter Nero * The Mexican Shuffle
The Ink Spots * Java Jive
CAE 16
The Frivolous Five * Whipped Cream
Joe Dassin * Au Champs Elysee
CAE 17
Hervé Roy * Girls Pop
Mama Cass Eliott * Make Your Own Kind of Music
CAE 18
The Nursery Brass * Frere Jacques
Nita Rossi * Untrue Unfaith
CAE 19
Rogerio Duprat * Rio Back Street
Pan’s People * You Can Really Rock ‘n’ Roll Me
CAE 20
Martial Solal * Les 24 Heures Dementes
Poppys * Les Chansons Pop
Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians * Trees
Alleee 2

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    Father Time Says:

    Just got turned on to the podcast, but your rss feed doesn’t seem to work. I’m using Zune software and I get the following error…

    Error Summary:
    Can’t retrieve episodes in this series because the RSS feed isn’t formatted correctly. Please check that the series URL points to a valid RSS file.

    Zune supports podcasts in RSS 2.0 format only.
    (sorry, couldn’t find an email to send this to you in…)

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