Episode 114:OMG! It’s FUTURESHOCK! Part 3

Forget the Present, We’re living in the Future, by Max Sparber

from The Minnesota Daily, October 15, 2002


Futureshock 21
Alleee 1
Tammy Faye Bakker * Worthy
Futureshock 22
Mort Garson * Walking in Space
Walter Murch * What’s Wrong? * THX 1138 Soundtrack
Futureshock 23
Syd Dale * Rhythmic Action
Mule Driver * Sputnik in Love Remix
Futureshock 24
Lenny Dee * Vincent * Lenny Dee
Shirley Bassey * Who are We?
Futureshock 25
David Snell * Hillside
The Lonesome Valley Singers * Witchita Lineman
Futureshock 26
Arawaka Yasuo * Night Train
Wax Audio * Full Metal Jackson
Futureshock 27
Brian Wade and Dave Cook * Electric Boogie
La Lupe * Going Out of My Head
Futureshock 28
Esquivel * Take the ‘A’ Train
Futureshock 29
Bruton Music Library * Papillon
Usha Uthup * Doston Se Pyar Kiya
Futureshock 30
Alleee 2

Where’s the toggle switch to make this thing Download?

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