Episode 116: A Far-Out Trip

The Rainbow “Twangers” episode

Case Study LSD


Rainbow 1
Alleee 1
Ray Coniff Singers * The Impossible Dream
S. Sklair and G. Galbraith * Spell Binder
Camarata with the Mike Sammes Singers * My Friend the Doctor
Rainbow 2
Sweet Little Band * Money
Sing Along with JFK * The Trumpet
KPM Library * Whistling Ghost
Lenny Brice * Psychopathia Sexualis
Rainbow 3
Conroy * Enigma Theme
Dan Blumin & Yevgeny Leonov * Pesnya Vinny Pukha
Rainbow 4
Myron Floren * Beer Barrel Polka
Usha Uthup * Doston Se Pyar Kia
The John Keating Space Experience * Star Cluster
Konishi Yasuharu and Pizzicato Five * When You Wish Upon a Star
Rainbow 5
Yann Tregger * Hugger Mugger
Malajube * Le Robot Sexy
Bill LeSage & Tony Kinsey * Sales Appeal
Pussycat * Mais la Vie Continuait
Rainbow 6
Elm Street All Kazoo Band * Kanon in D
Red Sovine * Go Hide John
Rainbow 7
Alleee 2

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