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Episode 127: Customers are Frikken Stupid

April 28, 2008

Sites to See

Customers Suck

Retail Hell Underground



Stupid 1
Alleee 1
Gillian Hills * Ne Ten Fais Pas
Stupid 2
Piero Umilani * Fotomodelle
Liz Brady * Partie De Dames
Stupid 3
Keith Droste * ‘T’Ain’t Necessarily So
Brad Neely * Fuck the Humans
Stupid 4
The Moog Machine * Spinning Wheel
Piero Umilani * Saudade
Stupid 5
The Moog Machine * 59th Street Bridge Song
Teenage Fanclub * The Ballad of John and Yoko
Stupid 6
The Sound of Criss Cross * The Fifth Season
Dream Theatre * Comfortably Numb
Stupid 7
Ted Atking and his Orchestra * Teenager’s House
Gerard St. Paul * Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
Stupid 8
Jean-Jacques Perrey * E.V.A. (live)
Leonard Nimoy * It’s Getting Better
Stupid 9
Mike Batt * Superfly
Nashville Country Singers * By the Time I Get to Phoenix
Stupid 10 * Unholy Pet’s Bathroom Bloopers
Alleee 2


Episode 126: The Riddle of the Hack Mystery Writer

April 24, 2008

The Harry Stephen Keeler Society
Harry Stephen Keeler Home Page
Harry Wiki
RAMBLE HOUSE (another great site I didn’t steal from)
WARNING (from our friends at Wikipedia)

“The Neutrality” of these pages “is disputed.”



Keeler 1 from The Harry Stephen Keeler Society page
Alleee 1
Family Guy * The Spirit of Massachussetts
Keeler 2
Yan Tregger * Hard Water
Chantal Goya * C’est Bien Bernard
Keeler 3
Derek Austin * I Got My Mojo Workin’
Kristin Hersh * Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)
Keeler 4
Black Devil * Timing, Forget the Timing
Vittorio Paltrinieri * Rhythm of Life
Keeler 5
Bernie Green * Saxophobia
Metropolitan Police Male Choir
Keeler 6
Wendy Carlos * Allegro from Bach’s Brandenberg
Viena * Sometimes
Keeler 7
Piero Piccioni * Ursula Shake
Bugotak * House of the Rising Sun
Keeler 8
Cesco Anselmo * Hurricane
Gunnar Madsen * Talking Heads’ Naive Melody
Keeler 9
Custommusic * RV Gill * Mambo at the Zenda
Gregorius * NMKU
Keeler 10
Alleee 2
The Spirit of Massachussetts (reprise)

“Yer gutta clyack heeya,” said Gumbuttserson Plinkplankplunk, son of Senator Clydacktricks 7 to the power nine minus pi r squared Plinkplankplunk, his seven fingers clutching at Hoy Yu Sin’s magic all-seeing laughing skull. a peculiar skull indeed, as it was drilled with ten and a half holes, that celestials say have the power to summon the wisdom of spirits, but that Gumbuttserson used only as a spitoon.

Episode 125: The Circle of the Crystal Children

April 20, 2008

Pastor Deacon Fred
Bible Stories-the story of creation
Fred Phelps
Rev “Budd” Spriggs from “What the Bible Says about Flying Saucers”
Little Marky
Charles Manson
Billy Bob Neck
Marcy Tigner
The Motels
Ken Wallace
Pierre Raymonde
You Tube
For Heaven’s Sake!
I Religios Exstas
The View
Yan Tregger
Alan Parker & Mike Moran
Steve Taylor
Hot Lips Page
The Phelps Family
Esther Lee
The Addicts
Aunt Jemimah
L Ron Hubbard
Pointer Sisters
Radio Charlie (Nazis)
Manos: Hands of Fate
Sandra ‘n’ Cindy
Rep. Monique Davis
Rob Sherman
Armstrong Floors
Hope Kawashima
Tim Stivers
Johnny Darrell
Province of Ontario

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Freedom is not Anti-Social Part 2: The Moral Argument

April 14, 2008

Market Anarchy


Guy Pederson * Bass After Love
Alleee 1
Serge Gainsbourg * Ballade de Melody Nelson
Alan Parker & Mike Moran * Move and Shake Your Body
Jocelyne * Nitty Gritty
Phil Harris * St. James Infirmary
Roger Bourdin * Crazy Horse
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass * Carmen
RIAA * Smoke on the Sun
Bernard Lubat * Pop Aubergine
The Terrytooners * Barker Bill
Évariste * La Chasse au Boson Intermédiaire
Hervé Roy * Fin De Séance
Rutland Weekend Songbook * Children of Rock ‘n’ Roll/Startime
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett * Dumbo
RIAA * Candy Enema Shock
Spazz-Living Guitars * Brown Sugar
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson * Ballade Pour Un Basse
Shelley Looney * Thank You, Canada
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson * Visions Fantastiques
Rutland Weekend Songbook * Protest Song
Warren Jeffs (Yes, THAT Warren Jeffs) * Searching for Zion
Bernard Estardy * Claviers Ivres
Flares * The Monkey Walk
The Keyboards * Clair
MOF 10
Unknown * Music Box
Petra Haden * Don’t Stop Believin’
Alleee 2

Fulfill Your Values (Click Here)

Freedom is not Anti-Social Part 1: Morality

April 13, 2008

Machinery of Freedom podcast on


Morality 1
Alleee 1
Ed Bruce * Hummin’ Cummins
Morality 2
Helmut Zacharias * Naturally Stoned
Jaymz Bee & The Royal Jelly Orchestra * You Oughta Know
Morality 3
Wendy Carlos * Sinfonia in D Major
Danny Bonaduce * I’ll Be Your Magician
Morality 4
Jean Michel Jarre * Theme de L’argent
Aimable * Tous les Garcons et les Filles
Morality 5
Enoch Light * Bond Street
Bastard Fairies * We’re All Going to Hell
Morality 6
Lenny Dee * Also Sprach Zarathustra
The Last Dinosaur * Beat It
Morality 7
Myron Floren * Anna
France Gall * Ich Kann Dir Nicht Bose Sein
Morality 8
Joe Thomas * Electric Godfather
Rex Hobart * It’s Not Easy Being Green
Morality 9
Martin Denny * I Talk to the Trees
The Sugar Bears * Love, You’ve Been a Long Time Coming
Morality 10
Nils Tibor * Little Willy
Tjupurru * Unkol James Brown
Alleee 2

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Episode 122 is NRA: A Legacy of Conservation

April 8, 2008

NRA: A Legacy of Conservation at WFMU Beware of the Blog

WARNING: This one’s long and over 50 megs.


NRA * Open Spaces

Alleee 1
The Oceans * Super Snooper
NRA * Just Like Any Other Animal
Hans Wuman * Minute Waltz
Ray Coniff * The Bah, the Dah, and the Ugly * Ray Coniff’s Lost Dub Sessions
NRA * But Not All People
Johnny Pearson * The Original Choggle Choggle
Zombie Girl * Jesus was a Zombie
NRA * The Earth is All We Have
James Clarke * Inter-City 2
Bruce Haack * Angel Child
NRA * Fallout
Jean-Jacques Perrey * Berceuse Pour Un Bébé Robot
Q-Feel * Dancing in Heaven (radio edit)
NRA * Preservation
Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw * Movin’ On
Danny and Joyce * The Stars
NRA * The Year 2000
Johnny Hawksworth * Safecracker Suite
Dee D Jackson * Venus, the Goddess of Love
NRA * When the Blue of the Night
Mladen Franko * Zoolife
Frank Sugarchile Robinson * Sticks and Stones
NRA * Conservation
Neil Richardson * Race to the Top
Leoncie * Radio Rapist
NRA * You Better Do Something About It
Johnny Hawksworth * Plenty Funny
Freddy Mercury * Love Kills * Metropolis Soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder
NRA * Step Off
Denny Morris * Rose Garden
Norm Burns * Martin Luther King
NRA * Water Over the Dam
Electric Coconut * Wooden Doll
Pink Munky * Wassa Matta Wit Yu Hat
NRA * Starvation
Joe Thomas * Electric Godfather
Alleee 2

Episode 122: NRA: A Legacy of Conservation

Episode 121: Batshit Christianity

April 2, 2008

Link of the week: Ebon Musings


Christian Nuttiness 1
Alleee 1
I Am A Man; What Does That Mean?
Christian Nuttiness 2
Gershon Kingsley * Hey, Hey
Big A * Jesus is About to Rap This Up
Christian Nuttiness 3
Bee Gees * The Earnest of Being George
Tom and Allene Ogdon * If Jesus Said It
Christian Nuttiness 4
The Moog Machine *Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
Anita Bryant * Onward Christian Soldiers
Christian Nuttiness 5
Mike Batt * Live and Let Die
Satan, You Lost, Lost, Lost
Christian Nuttiness 6
Orbit III * Mother Nature’s Son
We Want to Fish for Men
Christian Nuttiness 7
Robin Workman * Mamma Mia
God, Give the Devil the Measels
Christian Nuttiness 8
Roger Rogers * Chattamooga Choo-Choo
The “Safe Sex is Just a Fantasy” Rap
Christian Nuttiness 9
Sid Bass * Spanish Flea
Louvin Brothers * Satan is Real
Christian Nuttiness 10
Alleee 2
bonus tracks

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