Episode 121: Batshit Christianity

Link of the week: Ebon Musings


Christian Nuttiness 1
Alleee 1
I Am A Man; What Does That Mean?
Christian Nuttiness 2
Gershon Kingsley * Hey, Hey
Big A * Jesus is About to Rap This Up
Christian Nuttiness 3
Bee Gees * The Earnest of Being George
Tom and Allene Ogdon * If Jesus Said It
Christian Nuttiness 4
The Moog Machine *Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
Anita Bryant * Onward Christian Soldiers
Christian Nuttiness 5
Mike Batt * Live and Let Die
Satan, You Lost, Lost, Lost
Christian Nuttiness 6
Orbit III * Mother Nature’s Son
We Want to Fish for Men
Christian Nuttiness 7
Robin Workman * Mamma Mia
God, Give the Devil the Measels
Christian Nuttiness 8
Roger Rogers * Chattamooga Choo-Choo
The “Safe Sex is Just a Fantasy” Rap
Christian Nuttiness 9
Sid Bass * Spanish Flea
Louvin Brothers * Satan is Real
Christian Nuttiness 10
Alleee 2
bonus tracks

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