Episode 122 is NRA: A Legacy of Conservation

NRA: A Legacy of Conservation at WFMU Beware of the Blog

WARNING: This one’s long and over 50 megs.


NRA * Open Spaces

Alleee 1
The Oceans * Super Snooper
NRA * Just Like Any Other Animal
Hans Wuman * Minute Waltz
Ray Coniff * The Bah, the Dah, and the Ugly * Ray Coniff’s Lost Dub Sessions
NRA * But Not All People
Johnny Pearson * The Original Choggle Choggle
Zombie Girl * Jesus was a Zombie
NRA * The Earth is All We Have
James Clarke * Inter-City 2
Bruce Haack * Angel Child
NRA * Fallout
Jean-Jacques Perrey * Berceuse Pour Un Bébé Robot
Q-Feel * Dancing in Heaven (radio edit)
NRA * Preservation
Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw * Movin’ On
Danny and Joyce * The Stars
NRA * The Year 2000
Johnny Hawksworth * Safecracker Suite
Dee D Jackson * Venus, the Goddess of Love
NRA * When the Blue of the Night
Mladen Franko * Zoolife
Frank Sugarchile Robinson * Sticks and Stones
NRA * Conservation
Neil Richardson * Race to the Top
Leoncie * Radio Rapist
NRA * You Better Do Something About It
Johnny Hawksworth * Plenty Funny
Freddy Mercury * Love Kills * Metropolis Soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder
NRA * Step Off
Denny Morris * Rose Garden
Norm Burns * Martin Luther King
NRA * Water Over the Dam
Electric Coconut * Wooden Doll
Pink Munky * Wassa Matta Wit Yu Hat
NRA * Starvation
Joe Thomas * Electric Godfather
Alleee 2

Episode 122: NRA: A Legacy of Conservation

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