Episode 126: The Riddle of the Hack Mystery Writer

The Harry Stephen Keeler Society
Harry Stephen Keeler Home Page
Harry Wiki
RAMBLE HOUSE (another great site I didn’t steal from)
WARNING (from our friends at Wikipedia)

“The Neutrality” of these pages “is disputed.”



Keeler 1 from The Harry Stephen Keeler Society page
Alleee 1
Family Guy * The Spirit of Massachussetts
Keeler 2
Yan Tregger * Hard Water
Chantal Goya * C’est Bien Bernard
Keeler 3
Derek Austin * I Got My Mojo Workin’
Kristin Hersh * Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)
Keeler 4
Black Devil * Timing, Forget the Timing
Vittorio Paltrinieri * Rhythm of Life
Keeler 5
Bernie Green * Saxophobia
Metropolitan Police Male Choir
Keeler 6
Wendy Carlos * Allegro from Bach’s Brandenberg
Viena * Sometimes
Keeler 7
Piero Piccioni * Ursula Shake
Bugotak * House of the Rising Sun
Keeler 8
Cesco Anselmo * Hurricane
Gunnar Madsen * Talking Heads’ Naive Melody
Keeler 9
Custommusic * RV Gill * Mambo at the Zenda
Gregorius * NMKU
Keeler 10
Alleee 2
The Spirit of Massachussetts (reprise)

“Yer gutta clyack heeya,” said Gumbuttserson Plinkplankplunk, son of Senator Clydacktricks 7 to the power nine minus pi r squared Plinkplankplunk, his seven fingers clutching at Hoy Yu Sin’s magic all-seeing laughing skull. a peculiar skull indeed, as it was drilled with ten and a half holes, that celestials say have the power to summon the wisdom of spirits, but that Gumbuttserson used only as a spitoon.

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