Episode 130: Shatner on Shatner: Get a Life!


Get a Life 1
Alleee 1
Patience and Prudence * Tonight You Belong to Me
Get a Life 2
Mariangela * E a la Seduzione
Sonic Youth * Superstar
Get a Life 3
Dick Hyman * Put Your Hand in the Hand
Crazy Subway Lady
Get a Life 4
Marty Manning * Forbidden Planet
Monty Python * Every Sperm is Sacred scene from The Meaning of Life
Get a Life 5
Pickin’ on Zeppelin * Kashmir
Anquette * Get off your Ass and Jam
Get a Life 6
Gerhard Narholz & Jurgen Jaenner * Pop Promotion
How to Be Popular
Get a Life 7
Yan Tregger * Iron Horseman
Doye O’Dell * If the Devil Wants to Talk
Get a Life 8
Derek Austin * Spinning the Wheel
William Shatner Montage
Jimmy D Bennett * Sapadellic
Get a Life 9
Alan Parker & Mike Moran * Flying High
Mickey Kayz * My Yiddishe Mambo
Get a Life 10
Swing Family * Fatal Lady
Alleee 2

Set Phasers to DOWNLOAD!

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