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Episode 148: S.A.V.E.D: Stupid Assholes Violate Ecclesiastical Decree

July 28, 2008

Letter to Normal Bob Smith (on the sidebar)


S.A.V.E.D. 1
Alleee 1
Wee Willie Shantz * Coo Coo Bird
S.A.V.E.D 2
The Eighteenth Century Concepts * Eleanor Rigby
Jacques Dutronc * Le Responsable
S.A.V.E.D. 3
Theo Schumann Combo * Hackepeter
Dr. Seuss * Fox in Socks
S.A.V.E.D. 4
Al Tijuana and his Jewish Brass * A Taste of Honey
Malajube * Casse-Cou
S.A.V.E.D. 5
Ananda Shankar * Light My Fire
Katja Epstein * Ein Haus Auf Einer Insel
S.A.V.E.D. 6
Bernard Fevre * Stars Away
Lordi * Hard Rock Hallelujah (The 2006 Eurovision Contest Winner)
S.A.V.E.D. 7
All-Star Orchestra * Baby Love
Sylvie Vartan * Koibito Jidai
S.A.V.E.D. 8
Sylvano Santorio * Yellow Matching
Marijata * No Condition is Permanent
S.A.V.E.D. 9
The Jamming Scouts & The Pretty Trumpets * Take a Shake
Norm Burns * God is on the Moon
S.A.V.E.D. 10
Ridgels Fountain Citians * Call Your Dog Off
Alleee 2


Episode 147: Kermit Schaffer’s Pardon My Blooper

July 25, 2008

Kermit Schaffer


Blooper 1
Alleee 1
Guy Drake * The No Smoking Plot
Blooper 2
Tornadoes 74 * Telstar
Frank Gallop * Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women
Blooper 3
Kleiner Reiter * Hippie Hey
Wax Audio * Mashing up that Hill
Blooper 4
Cesare Andrea Bixio * Come un Miracolo
Plastic Bertrand * Pogo Pogo
Blooper 5
Laurie Johnson * Chase That Car
The Swings * Paper Doll
Blooper 6
Count Five * Psychotic Reaction
Évariste * Les Pommes de lune
Blooper 7
Johnny Patrick * Call Me
The Five Du-Tones * Monkee See Monkee Do
Blooper 8
George Tremblay et ses Brass * Burrito Mistico
Inter Galactic Touring Band * Robot Salesman
Blooper 9
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen * Locomotion Blues
Leoncie * Sex Crazy Cop
Blooper 10
Frédéric Mercier * Theme for a Child
Liberace * You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
Alleee 2

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Episode 146: The Happy Painter

July 18, 2008

Simply Painting instruction page


Patton Oswalt on Bill Alexander
Alleee 1
Bruce Haack and Ed Harvey * Bored of Education
Happy Painter 1
Ernie Freeman Combo * Rockhouse
Évariste * Connais-tu l’animal qui inventa le calcul intégral
Happy Painter 2
Roy Budd * Free Tarrant
Les Baxter * Whatever Lola Wants
Happy Painter 3
Ted Athing & Alain Feanch * Childrens’ Carnival
Billy Hughes * Atomic Sermon
Happy Painter 4
Alan Tew Orchestra * The Pink Panther Theme
Tex Williams * Never Trust a Woman
Happy Painter 5
Roy Budd * So Nice
Letta Mbulu * What’s Wrong with Groovin’
Happy Painter 6
Royale Concert Orchestra * Kashmiri Song
Peggy Lee * Spinning Wheel
Happy Painter 7
Juliette LeBlanc * Pink Carpet
The Light Crust Doughboys * Pussy Pussy Pussy
Happy Painter 8
Harry Roche Constellation * Pinball Wizard
Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra * Safety Dance
Happy Painter 9
Alleee 2

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Walk on Canal 003

July 17, 2008

Walk on Canal 003, originally uploaded by Hellbound Alleee.

This is Francois on the same walk.

Scary, isn’t it?

July 17, 2008

Walk on Canal 005, originally uploaded by Hellbound Alleee.

This is me last spring, in a ghostly cherry orchard. I think they spray the trees with this white stuff to keep them from — uh, I dunno. It’s the cold, rainy season, and the cherries were 75% lost that year, anyway. I’m walking along a canal by my house in Wenatchee.

Episode 145: Mondo Ranto

July 15, 2008

In which Alleee rants and scolds and generally complains.

Scary, Isn’t It
USAF * Hey, Mister!
Alleee 1
Jerry Whitman * Some Things I Don’t Understand
Wait Wait 1
Roy Smeck * Bugle Call Rag
Corky * Love Makes the World go Round
Wait Wait 2
Groucho Marx * I’m Against It
Jo Stafford * The Pussycat Song
Alleee 2
Charlie and Lola
Special to Me
Wait Wait 3
Partridge Family * I Believe in Love
Six Jumping Jacks * I Do Not Choose to Run
Wait Wait 4
Pan-Harmonic Music * Boom Boom
Neil Pye * End of the World Cabaret
Wait Wait 5
Piero Piccioni * Main Titles
Pan-Harmonic Music * Syncopated Clock
Wait Wait 6
Ronald Frankau and Monte Crick * Everybody’s got Sex Appeal for Someone
Leonard Nimoy * Both Sides Now
Wait Wait 7
Danny Bonaduce * You’re Old Enough to Fall in Love
Curley Coldiron * Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians
Wait Wait 8
Bruce Baxter * I’m Free
Rick Ely * Morning Girl
Chandler Conspiracy * Medley
Alleee 3

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Episode 144: The Marriage Bed

July 6, 2008

Advice for Young Marrieds


Marriage Bed 1
Alleee 1
The Swings * Senz bens Conce
Marriage Bed 2
Hervé Roy * Fugue à Katmandu
Phoebe Cates * How Do I Let You Know? * Private School…for girls
Marriage Bed 3
Telemusik * Practice Music
Mark Holly * Lying Here Loving You
Marriage Bed 4
Syd Dale * Mexican Ding Ding
Ray Coniff * Younger Than Springtime
Marriage Bed 5
Johnny Pearson * Pop March
The Cranberries * Close to You
Marriage Bed 6
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen * Prélude à une Angoisse
Pierre Raymonde and Bugs Bower * Pelvic Pleasures
Marriage Bed 7
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen * Pipo Piccolo
Bing Crosby and Peggy Lee * Cuanto Le Gusta
Marriage Bed 8
Ore 18 * Alberto Bembo
Fred Bongusto & Robby Poitevin * The World of the Blues
Marriage Bed 9
Swing Family * Gentleman and Musician
Patience & Prudence * Tonight You Belong to Me
Marriage Bed 10
Bernardo Estardy * Bistro 95
Christophe * La Petite Fille du 3eme
Franco Micalizzi * The Child And Her Sister
Alleee 2

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Bill of Sale: Snopes

Episode 143: Dmitri, the LOVAR

July 4, 2008

Dmitri the Lover’s website

Article from The Torontoist

Article from CTV News


Dmitri 1
Alleee 1
Mary Roos * L’Autoroute
Dmitri 2
Orchester Lou Castell * Lovebug
George Auld * You’re My Thrill
Dmitri 3
Stelvio Cipriani * Cani Arrabbiati
The cast of the Beverly Hillbillies * A Long Talk With That Boy
Dmitri 4
Walter Wanderley * Telefone
The Mike Sammes Singers * Never Seen Anything Like It
Dmitri 5
Kai Winding, featuring Kenny Burell * Hero
The J’s, with Jamie * Cotton Fields
Dmitri 6
Stelvio Cipriani * Teenagers Cha Cha Cha
Sister Mary Nelson with J. Davis and C. Nelson * The Royal Telefon
Dmitri 7
Franco Micalizzi * The Criminal Gang
Henri Genes * La Tcha Tcha Tcha
Dmitri 8
Piero Piccioni and Alessandro Alessandroni * Arizona Dreaming
Betty Cody * On Treasure Island
Dmitri 9
Stelvio Cipriani * Enfantasme
Mikhail Boyarsky * Dan Blumin’s Russians Love Their Children Too
Dmitri 10
Stelvio Cipriani and Goblin * Incubi Riccorenti
Freddy Mercury * Love Kills Extended Dance Remix (from the 1984 colorized “Metropolis”)
Dmitri 11
Wendy Carlos * Badiniere
They Might Be Giants * Robot Parade
USAF * Take a Stand
The Carmets * Mr. Moto
Alleee 2

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Episode 142: George Carlin: Asshole, Jerkoff, or Scumbag?

July 3, 2008

No, this isn’t a hate piece on George Carlin, for those of you who don’t know what a “podcast” is. This is George Carlin’s bit, “Asshole, Jerkoff, or Scumbag?” Now, on to more pertinent things, like entertaining my intelligent listeners!


Alleee 1
Liz Brady * Palladium
Cecil Canterburn * Catching Game
Billy Bob Neck * Killin’ Every Arab I See
Howard Roberts * Girl Talk
Juaneco Y Su Combo * Vacilando con Ayahuesca
Walter Wanderley * Voce E Eu
Vis Iskre * Pepermint Twist
Henry Arland * Mamy Blue
Severina * Moja Stikla
Gershon Kinsley * Sunset Sound
Johnny S Guitar * Fawn Ngeo
Rudolf Belov * Under the Apple Tree
Malajube * Le Métronome
Big Boss Man * Party 7
Takeshi Terauchi and Bunnys * Track 1
Boom Pam * Gross
Ich Troje * Follow My Heart
AJS 10
Joseph Byrd * The Star Spangled Banner
A Sibel Tuzun * Super Star
Alleee 2

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