Episode 147: Kermit Schaffer’s Pardon My Blooper

Kermit Schaffer


Blooper 1
Alleee 1
Guy Drake * The No Smoking Plot
Blooper 2
Tornadoes 74 * Telstar
Frank Gallop * Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women
Blooper 3
Kleiner Reiter * Hippie Hey
Wax Audio * Mashing up that Hill
Blooper 4
Cesare Andrea Bixio * Come un Miracolo
Plastic Bertrand * Pogo Pogo
Blooper 5
Laurie Johnson * Chase That Car
The Swings * Paper Doll
Blooper 6
Count Five * Psychotic Reaction
Évariste * Les Pommes de lune
Blooper 7
Johnny Patrick * Call Me
The Five Du-Tones * Monkee See Monkee Do
Blooper 8
George Tremblay et ses Brass * Burrito Mistico
Inter Galactic Touring Band * Robot Salesman
Blooper 9
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen * Locomotion Blues
Leoncie * Sex Crazy Cop
Blooper 10
Frédéric Mercier * Theme for a Child
Liberace * You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
Alleee 2

Lowndoad Here

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