Episode 159: Boo!


Boo 1
Alleee 1
Merv Griffin * House of Horrors
Boo 2
Ghoulin’ Around
Gordon Polk and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra * My Friend the Ghost
Boo 3
Alec Templeton * The Ghost Rhapsody
Bill Buchanan * The Night Before Halloween
Boo 4
The Original Piano Quintet * In the Hall of the Mountain King
Cyril Smith * With Her Head Tucked Underneath her Arm
Boo 5
Lalo Schifrin * The Haunting
The Tubes * Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman
Boo 6
Prince’s Band * Spooky Spooks
Sharkey Todd and his Monsters * Cool Ghoul
Boo 7
Club Royal Orchestra * The Sneak
You Can’t Ghoul Me
Boo 8
David Rose and His Orchestra * Satan and the Polar Bear
Lambert, Hendricks and Ross * Halloween Spooks
Alleee 2

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