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Episode 166: You Don’t Know Squat About Thanksgiving, But I Do.

November 24, 2008


1 Pilkington on Thanksgiving
Alleee 1
Wayne Newton * Danke Schoen
2 The European Origins of Thanksgiving
Thanks for the Memories
Alanis Morrisette * Thank You
3 Thanksgiving History vs Myth
Barney * Please and Thank You
Dido * Thank You
4 Understanding the First Thanksgiving
Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra * Thanks a Million
ABBA * Thank You for the Music
5 Thanksgiving History of Harsh Times for Settlers
Sly and the Family Stone * Thank you Falettme Be Mice Elf
The Beagles * Thanks to the Man in the Moon
6 The Role of Native Americans in Thanksgiving
Iving Aaronson and his Commanders * Let’s Be Thankful
Amy Diamond * Thank You
7 Revolutionary Era Thanksgiving History
The Kinks * Thank You for the Days
Louis Armstrong * Thankful
8 Irregular Gatherings at Historical Thanksgivings
Bob Marley (Comedian) * Thanksgiving at Marley’s
Adams Family Values Thanksgiving Pageant
9 Lincoln Proclaims National Thanksgiving
Alton Brown * Potatoes, My Sweet
William S Burroughs Thanksgiving Prayer
When did Turkey Become a Tradition?
Alleee 2


A Short History of Christmas on You Tube, by Me

November 22, 2008

Episode 165: The World of Karl Pilkington

November 14, 2008

Karl Pilkington “Pilki”

Karl Pilkington’s Blog

Ricky Gervais Show


1 The Pilkington Bible 1
Alleee 1
Jonathan and Darlene * Cocktails for Two
2 The Pilkington Bible 2
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis * Violent Rome (1st Version)
Max Bygraves * Get Me to the Church on Time
3 The Pilkington Bible 3
Stelvio Cipriani * Ecologia Del Delitto (Titoli)
The J’s and Jamie * My Cigarette and I
4 The Pilkington Bible 4
Main Titles * Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
The Swings * Glow Worm
5 The Pilkington Bible 5
Ennio Morricone * Gocce Di Pioggia Su Di Me (Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head)
Mark Holly * Sweet Street Lady
6 The Pilkington Bible 6
Midas Touch * Melting Pot
Val Norman * The Ballad of Barbara Graham
7 The Pilkington Bible 7
Guglielmo Papararo & Vittorio Montis * Gravita’ zero
Frankie Lane * Rockin’ Chair
8 The Pilkington Bible 8
Billy May’s Rico Mambo Orch * Hernando’s Hideaway
Eric Henry * Pirates and Emperors
9 Pilkington on Heaven 1
Electric Coconut * Beautiful Sunday
RIAA * The Dynamic Show Ever Gave
10 Pilkington on Heaven 2
Fred Bongusto * Il Divorzio (Main Title)
Alleee 2

At the end of the day, we all Download, init?

Episode 164: Something Weird Video

November 11, 2008

Something Weird Video


All Ears 1
Alleee 1
Sheba * Jungle Fever
Curious Alice 1
Gus Brendel Group * Take a Shake
Danger! High Voltage! 1
Mona Rae * Do Me
The Golden Goose 1
Soul Orgasm-ization * Ode to Billy Joe
The Inner Man 1
Shirley Scott * Soul Souce
It’s a Revolution, Mother!
Klaus and Uschi * Young Stud
All Ears 2
Sinatra * Drinking Water
Curious Alice 2
The Horsemen * Theme From Outlaw Riders
Danger! High Voltage! 2
Cake * War Pigs
The Golden Goose 2
Hot Butter * Song of the Nairobi Trio
The Inner Man 2
Hank Snow * That Crazy Mambo Thing
All Ears 3
Mike Theodorak * Cafe Rock
Curious Alice 3
June Carter * Mama Teach Me
Danger! High Voltage! 3
Henry Mancini * Moon River Cha-Cha
All Ears 4
Leonce * Wrestler (Triple H)
Curious Alice 4
Herb Alpert * Slick
High Voltage 4
Matthew Gonder * Clair, Commissaire! (and he’s from my home town!)
Curious Alice 5
T Elerth * Skippin’ It
Danger 5
Alleee 2


Xenu Eating my Contest Tree

November 9, 2008

Xenu tree 3, originally uploaded by Hellbound Alleee.

As always, Xenu is better looking than the subject.

Episode 163: Pre-Season Shopping Bonanza

November 5, 2008


The Drifters for Coca-Cola
Alleee 1
Oktoberfest Souvenir
Coco Puffs
KPM Library * Product Efficiency
Harry Betts * Children’s Vocal for Bestline
RCA Selectavision
Robert R Wray * The Wonderful World of Music
America in Motion
Revlon’s Charlie
KPM Library * Mini Motoring
Patton Oswalt * KFC Famous Bowls
Spic and Span
James Clarke * The Free Life
Freddy, Freddy
Puritan Meats
L Martin and B Dee * Disco Holiday
Studio LaRoux * The More You Sell
Vincent Price for Hangman
Ady Zehnpfennig * Easter Afternoon
George Carlin on Voting
What’s To Eat?
Robert R Wray * Account Execs
Benjamin * Le Poisson et l’Oisseau
Woolworth Records
What Kind of Fool am I?
Snatch * Another Brick in the Wall
Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum
Alleee 2

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“If you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain.” Rant.

November 4, 2008

“If you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain.”

Other ways of saying this:

“I am a self-righteous prick, who Knows What’s Best for you.”

“I think that rights are given to us by the government, of the people, so people should have the right to take away my rights through voting.”

“I vote for people and issues I know nothing about so that I can be a blowhard about them to my coworkers at coffee break.”

“I actually, really believe that you lose your right to complain about the government if you don’t vote.”

“I don’t actually believe it, but I say it anyway, because that’s what the guys are saying these days.”

“I fully acknowledge that the government has thrown out the constitution.”

“Hey! The government has a system. If you don’t agree with the system, tough shit, Sheila.”

“If you don’t decide, between the 2 fundamentalist Christian choices you are given, which one of them gets to screw you, you shoudn’t have a voice.”

“If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. That way, I can claim I believe in democracy every day, up until the day after the election. After that, I am allowed to say I am against the system, even though I endorsed it. I say these things because I am insane.”

“I have so little creativity, that I can’t think of any way of living in a coherent soceity organized in a way that’s wholly different than my own.”

“But…who would build the roads?”

Thank you, and remember: If you do vote, and believe in voting, you can’t complain. You deserve the government you get. I mean, what other possible way could their be?